Friday, July 2, 2010

Hidden Treasure & BB Couture Cosmopolitan

Happy Friday everyone! How has your day been? Good, I hope. I'm happy to say, that I already have 40 followers! Welcome to ALL of you! I'm happy to have you along. :-) My day has been pretty good. Had to take the dogs to the vet this morning for their yearly shots,blood work etc...They were not happy dogs. :-( Everything went very well though, and they have been napping since they came home. Poor pups wore themselves out being anxious. Here are my babies...Napa is the black lab. and Buster is the beagle.

I love them so. :-) They are my babies, along with my two cats and horse. Anyway, came home from the vet, and decided to go have a pedicure. It was quite nice, and I had my toes done in Zoya Nidhi. Such a pretty sparkly red. Got home, and the husband and I went out for ice cream. When I got home, I was bored, and decided to put a coat of SH Hidden Treasure over my mani of BB Couture Cosmopolitan. It turned out pretty well. Of course I had to take pics. so here they are....

Do you have Hidden Treasure? How do you like it?


  1. I have hidden treasure, and I love it!It took me a while to find it though. It even looks good on bare nails ^^

  2. love the pups! and yes, I got two bottle of Hidden Treasure just cause I wanted an extra in case I ever get enough followers to have a giveaway! =) I love it though, it's really fun, I tried it over top of a french mani and it looked pretty fab.

  3. Love your lab and his coller! I just won a bottle of Hidden Treasure on ebay ~ can't wait for it to come!

  4. Thanks for the comments on my dogs. :-) Freshie...your dog looks super cute. Aren't labs great dogs?

    I got lucky, and was able to find Hidden Treasure right away. I was surprised, as it seems like we always get the new things last here in KS. In fact, I was seeing HT everywhere! I still seem them around now. I ended up buying five. I only kept one, and the other four were for friends on the Lush forum. I think I might need to get a second one to have for a back up. I haven't tried it on french yet, but think it would look great!