Friday, April 29, 2011

Butter London No More Waity, Katie

Did you get up to watch the Royal Wedding? It's funny, I really had no interest leading up to it. Then last night, I decided to Tivo it. Well, I happened to wake up around 2am or so, and decided to turn the tv on. I ended up watching coverage about an hour before the wedding, and then about half of the actual wedding. I fell asleep, and woke up as the carriage was taking off. I have to say it was all very lovely, and I ended up getting sucked in. ;-)

For my mani. today I used Butter London No More Waity, Katie. It's a dusty purple with purple glitter. While I LOVE this color, I have to say application was truly awful. I honestly don't think I've ever had a polish be as goopy as this one was. It looks like it's years old! So, while I really dislike the application, I do really love the color.

I used one coat of Revlon Perplex and one coat of No More Waity, Katie.

Close Up.

I'm SO glad that it's the weekend. I've had a stressful week, and I need some down time to catch up on my sleep. Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Swatches of the OPI Serena Williams Red Shatter set!

Last night, I stopped in at Dillards to pick up Silver Shatter, and some of the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean polishes. I was excited to see that they also had the newest Serena Williams shatter sets. I picked up the red shatter set. It of course comes with the red shatter polish, and it also comes with a new OPI polish called Rally Pretty Pink.

I started off with Rally Pretty Pink. I pretty much love everything about this polish. Application was wonderful, and the color! I LOVE this color! It's a purple/pink base with tons of gold shimmer. It is very dupey to Zoya's Faye, from the new Sunshine collection. I personally like the OPI better. I used three coats, and it did dry pretty fast. It dries to an almost foil finish.

First up here is a pic. of the package..

Rally Pretty Pink

I then put the Red Shatter over top. I was really looking forward to getting each of these two polishes, but I thought it was an odd combo. I wasn't sure about red shatter over Rally Pretty Pink, but since they are a set, I decided to try it out. OPI obviously knew what they were doing, as the two look great together. The red shatter covers most of the pink, and the gold shimmer is mainly the color that shows through the shatter. Pretty combo. :-) Red shatter cracked well, and it almost has a jelly like finish. I did use a top coat over it.

What do you think of these colors? Do you like them both, or just one of them? I really like both, and can't wait to try the red shatter over other colors. I also see myself wearing Rally Pretty Pink quite a bit.

Well, I'm off to bed....again! lol! I'm not sure what's wrong with me, but I'm STILL worn out. Ugh. Hope I'm not getting sick.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

China Glaze Pink Sprinkles for Pink Wednesday.

I have wanted this polish for so long, and I finally just got it last week. I found it on ebay for only $3! Which is a great price, considering it's pretty hard to find. I decided to save it for my pink Wed. polish. It's actually named Sprinkles not Pink Sprinkles. It has pink glitter in it that makes it look like pink sprinkles though. ;-) Sprinkles is a med. pink with a hot pink shimmer and pink/magenta glitter. I haven't ever seen a polish quite like it.

The formula was a little on the thin side, and I ended up using four coats. I was afraid it would take forever to dry, but it didn't at all. I'm really glad I got this polish. Def. a winner in my book! ;-)

Be sure to click on the pics. so you can see the "sprinkles" much better. ;-)

I don't know about you all, but I'm ready for the weekend!! This has been a long week. I've just been SO tired for some reason. I'm going to let the dogs out one more time, and get to bed. I hope you have a nice night! :-)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Revlon Royal plus OPI Last Friday Night.

Today's mani. is a new fav. of mine. I LOVE it, and I totally copied it from Jen at polish insomniac ( Who saw it on Biba's blog, Biba's Beauty Corner( It was so pretty, that I just had to try it, and I'm glad I did. :-)

I started off with Revlon Royal Navy. RN is a blue jelly. The color reminds me of blue ink. Application was pretty good. A little runny, but nothing too bad. I used three coats. I know the other day, I was just saying how every single Revlon polish I've used, seems to bubble on me. Well, I'm happy to report, that Royal did not bubble! Yay! :-)

I topped it off with two coats of OPI Last Friday Night. LFN is a mixture of blue,teal and silver glitter, in a clear blue base. It's really best used as a topper. I think it would look good over black too.


Close Up.

Revlon Royal on it's own.

Thanks for looking, and have a great night! :-)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cracked Glitter Mani....Island Girl Surfing Safari and LaRosa Hot Pink Crackle.

This is going to be kinda short, as I'm exhausted and ready to get some sleep! It's been one of "those" Mondays here, if you know what I mean! ;-)

Today I started out with one of the Island Girl polishes I got in Vegas. It's called Surfing Safari, and it's a kind of dusty, silver glitter. If that makes sense? It's not just a regular silver glitter. There's just something different about it. I really like it. Application was great, and I used three coats for full coverage. Dry time was super fast since it's a glitter.

I decided to try a new Crackle polish I picked up on Friday on a dusty hunt. The brand is LaRosa. It's called Crackle Shatter. I picked up two. A neon red and a hot pink. I used the hot pink today which is actually named Magenta. I was really surprised by how well it cracked. It worked better than the China Glaze crackles I've used. I think a big difference is, that it wasn't thick or goopy, where my CG crack polishes were. I really like the finish too. It's almost velvety.

First up, here are pics. of the finished mani.

Close Up.

Here is Island Girl Surfing Safari on it's own.

Close Up.

Have you ever heard of LaRosa? I hadn't before Fri. They had all kinds of colors though. I might have to go back for more!

Well, I"m off to get some much needed sleep. Thanks for looking, and I hope you have a great night! :-)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Easter Mani. and Happy 13th Birthday to my Morris Cat!

HAPPY EASTER! I hope you've all had a wonderful day. Did you do anything special today? I went to church with my family and then we all had a nice yummy lunch. My parents still give me an Easter basket so I got a basket full of awesome Easter candy. I absolutely LOVE Easter candy. It's my fav. :-) I've been relaxing pretty much the rest of the day. My husband and I, ended up with our beagle at the ER vet yesterday, for five hours. He's fine now thank goodness. I was so worried about him. Anytime one of my fur kids gets sick, I worry so much. They are my babies. All is well now though.

I did a skittle mani. for Easter. I used two of the new Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes. Blue-Away which is a pale baby blue and Pink Blink. PB is a light baby pink. I was really surprised by how well they applied. I was all ready for them to be streaky since they are pastels. However, they weren't at all. I also LOVE the brushes on the Insta-Dries. They cover my nail in almost one swipe. I could have def. gotten away with one coat of these, but I did my usual two.

I also used two polishes from the Elf spring collection. Blue Mist, which is def. not blue, but a mint green color, and Lilac which is pastel purple. Both of these also applied well, and I used two coats each.

The last color I used is China Glaze Lemon Fizz. A yellow pastel. Application was a little streaky, but really not too bad at all. I used two coats.

I then used one coat of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure over top of them all.


Without Hidden Treasure.

Close Up's with HT.

Also, today is my Morris cat's 13th birthday! I found him 12 years ago (he was one when I found him) in a dark park, took him home, and fell in love with him.♥♥♥♥

HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY MORRIS!!! (and MANY more to come!) :-)

Thanks for looking and Happy Easter! :-)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Swatches of the new Revlon Summer 2011 Collection.

Yay!! It's Friday! :-) I meant to post this review yesterday, but time just got away from me. I have the new Revlon summer collection to show you today. There are three colors. Tangerine, a great summer orange with gold shimmer. Blue Lagoon, a pale blue with silver shimmer, and my fav. of the bunch. The third one is Sunshine Sparkle, I want to say, it has glass flecks in it.

I really love the colors with my fav. being Blue Lagoon, followed by Tangerine, and then Sunshine Sparkle. The application is another story. I think Revlon polish hates me for some reason. I almost always get bubbles with Revlon. I did BL twice because of bubbles. Blue Lagoon and Sunshine Sparkle were pretty streaky. Tangerine def. applied the best of the three. I used three coats on all of them.

Bottle Pics. Tangerine,Blue Lagoon and Sunshine Sparkle.

Blue Lagoon

Close Up.


Close Up.

Sunshine Sparkle

Do you plan on getting any of these? Or have you already? If so, which ones? Thanks for looking, and I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday! :-)