Thursday, April 28, 2011

Swatches of the OPI Serena Williams Red Shatter set!

Last night, I stopped in at Dillards to pick up Silver Shatter, and some of the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean polishes. I was excited to see that they also had the newest Serena Williams shatter sets. I picked up the red shatter set. It of course comes with the red shatter polish, and it also comes with a new OPI polish called Rally Pretty Pink.

I started off with Rally Pretty Pink. I pretty much love everything about this polish. Application was wonderful, and the color! I LOVE this color! It's a purple/pink base with tons of gold shimmer. It is very dupey to Zoya's Faye, from the new Sunshine collection. I personally like the OPI better. I used three coats, and it did dry pretty fast. It dries to an almost foil finish.

First up here is a pic. of the package..

Rally Pretty Pink

I then put the Red Shatter over top. I was really looking forward to getting each of these two polishes, but I thought it was an odd combo. I wasn't sure about red shatter over Rally Pretty Pink, but since they are a set, I decided to try it out. OPI obviously knew what they were doing, as the two look great together. The red shatter covers most of the pink, and the gold shimmer is mainly the color that shows through the shatter. Pretty combo. :-) Red shatter cracked well, and it almost has a jelly like finish. I did use a top coat over it.

What do you think of these colors? Do you like them both, or just one of them? I really like both, and can't wait to try the red shatter over other colors. I also see myself wearing Rally Pretty Pink quite a bit.

Well, I'm off to bed....again! lol! I'm not sure what's wrong with me, but I'm STILL worn out. Ugh. Hope I'm not getting sick.


  1. after so many black shatter reviews, finally got to see something different!!this is pretty!

  2. I'm not really a shatter fan, but I love the red! I'm a red nail polish kinda gal though ;)

  3. i really like the base color -- it has so many different color sides!

  4. Love the foil look for polish. Very pretty. Love the red shatter. Hope you feel better soon sweetie. Best thing is to go lay down and get some rest.

  5. Silence is Loud...Thank you! I'm glad there are more shatter colors coming out too. :-)

    Pinupcherrymakeup....Thanks! :-) I'm a red polish lover too! :-)

    LisaInFL....Thanks! I LOVE the base color too...I was surprised that it had so many different colors.

    Lucy....Me too! Thank you! I'm sure trying to feel better. I have felt a little better today. Still pretty tired though.