Monday, August 30, 2010

Pumpkin Polish and New Nicole GLITTERS!

Hey guys! :-) How has your Mon. been? Mine has been surprisingly good for a Mon. I started my day by going to Starbucks, and they had Pumpkin Spice lattes and Pumpkin scones! My two favs. It also means fall is finally coming! I love pretty much everything about the fall. The colors,the food,weather,football,pumpkins,halloween etc...The second awesome thing that happened today is, I got nail mail! A really sweet girl I met not long ago, sent me nine of the Blue Cross Pumpkin polishes! She refused to let me send her anything in return...but I think I will surprise her with something anyway. It was too sweet for her to do that. We haven't even known each other long. Anyway....I have wanted these polishes ever since I started seeing bloggers post about them in previous years. However, there are no Rite Aid stores anywhere near me. I also got the cutest cat purse in the mail today. I ordered from the Animal Rescue Site. After all of that, I found a long lost college friend on Facebook. So all in all, a very good day. :-)

Here are a few pics. of the pumpkin polishes. There are nine in all. Four cremes...neon orange,neon purple,black and a white. There are also five glitters that glow in the day! An orange,purple,blue,pink and greenish white.

As always, don't forget to click the pics. to make them bigger. ;-)

All of them

The creams

and the glitters

Aren't they cute?! I love them! :-)

Have you seen the new glitters from Nicole? I think they are Target exclusives. There are also a few shimmers, and creams, but the winners to me are the glitters.

I got four four of the glitters. There are six total. The two I passed on were a gold and a silver because I have so many of those already. I also got a dark magenta/silver which is new.

Mia-Magenta Me? Glitz and Glisten,Pitch-Black Glimmer,Sensational Scarlet and Such A Go-Glitter

Today I am wearing Sensational Scarlet. (I will swatch the others soon) SS is a red base with red and magenta and holo glitter. I've read that it's comparable to Massini Slamming Red. I can't say for sure that it is, as I don't have SR. It's def. on my wish list though. However, in pics. I've seen, it does look similar.

This is two coats, but I could have gotten away with one! When I first applied it, it was a bit gritty as glitters sometimes are..

but then I applied a top coat, and got this....

blinggy red!

I LOVE this color! Then again, I love red and glitter, so this is a win for me. :-)

Do you have any of these colors?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

BBC Fairy Blood & CG Pink Twinkle

I wore this combo for a couple of days this past week. I'm actually still wearing Borghese Nero Magico (the new black glitter...can be seen in previous post)and love it so much I didn't want to change it yet. Anyway, I started out with BB Couture Fairy Blood. I wore it for about a day and a half and then added Cover Girl's Pink Twinkle over top. I really like these two together. :-) BBC Fairy Blood is a deep red jelly with red glitter. I used three coats of it, and it applied great. Pink Twinkle is a pinkish base with pink/orange flakes. I used two thin coats of it over BBC VB.

First a pic. of the finished product ;-)

This is just the BBC FB....these two pics. aren't the best. It was actually while taking these, that I started feeling sick and dizzy and had to stop. :-(

In this pic. you are able to see the glitter better...

Another of the two polishes together

Close up's

Bottle pics...First is BBC FB and then CG PT

I hope you all are having an awesome weekend! I'm off to get some ice cream with the husband. Peanut butter for me and strawberry double peanut butter cups for him. :-)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Borghese AWESOME new GLITTER collection for fall...swatches.

Hey guys! How has your week been? I sure hope it's been better than mine! This has def. been one of "those" weeks. I've spent half of the week being sick, and the rest of it, anything you can think of went wrong. Yesterday, I had had it. lol...We are finally having some nice weather here in KS. It's been down in the 70's compared to a couple of weeks ago, when it was 112 degrees! I kid you not. Anyway, I decided I was going to take a nice long drive in the country. Just me and the radio. That always makes me feel better. After I did that, I decided to stop at Ulta. I had heard that the new SH Xtreme Wears were starting to show up there. I walked in, and there they were! Those are for another day though. I also spotted a new collection of Borghese. For some reason, I've never bought any polish from this company. I always look at them, but end up putting them back. Well this new collection is all glitter, and they had a few pretty unique ones. There are six of them, and I got one of each. You, guys....this is my new fac. collection. I absolutely LOVE it. Even over the Orly Cosmix! They even applied like a dream, and I had absolutely no problems removing them, which is def. not like most glitters. I only had troubles with application on one of them, and even then it wasn't too bad. All of the first pics. are without top coat and the second pics. are with.

Don't forget to click the pics. for a better view. :-)

First up, is Purple Confetti. It's a grape colored base with multi colored glitter. I'd say this one is the most unique of them all. This was two coats.

Mediterraneo Sea is a sea blue base with purple,blue and silver glitter.

Vigneto Berry is a violet base with violet glitter. This is the only one I had a difficult time applying. It was messy and a bit streaky, but it wasn't terrible. I still like it. :-)

Ipnotico Gold is a pretty fall colored gold with copper flakes. I don't normally like gold polish on myself, but I actually like this one.

Scintilla Magic is a bright red base with red glitter. This color is hot! LOVE it! It def. gives Ruby Slippers and Ruby Pumps some competition. :-)

Nero Magico is a black base with tons of silver glitter. This is an awesome black! Even my husband, who doesn't much care for black polish, likes this one, and for him to notice says something! LOL!

What do you think of this collection? I pretty much think everyone needs it! LOL! I am soo in love with all of them! I def. won't be passing by Borghese again. :-)

I hope you all have an absolute wonderful weekend. :-)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunset Prisms and Horned Devil

It's Monday again....ugh. lol...Did everyone have a good weekend? I hope so! Yesterday I did my nails with Maybelline Sunset Prisms. It's a really pretty orange color with flashes of green. I like it on it's own, but it applied a bit streaky. I had already applied three coats, and didn't want to mess with it anymore. So I went looking through my stash to see if I had a glitter to top it off. I decided on BB Couture Horned Devil which is one of my all time fav. polishes. It's an orange jelly with orange and gold glitter. I seriously love this polish. I think I might need a backup bottle. Speaking of BB Couture, do they usually put out a fall collection? I'm ready for some new BBC polish! :-) Anyway, I put one coat of Horned Devil over Sunset Prisms, and I quite like it. :-) These pics. were once again taken before clean up. It was getting cloudy, and I wanted to hurry.

Sunset Prisms with Horned Devil

Sunset Prisms

another of both together

Bottle pic. of Horned Devil....I took a few of the Sunset Prisms bottle, but I just couldn't get them to come out right.

Well, I'm off to do a little polish shopping now. Wish me luck! lol! I hope you all have a wonderful Mon. or at least try to. ;-)

Friday, August 20, 2010

LA Splash Crimson Tide

Happy Friday! :-) I have several LA Splash polishes, and just got around to trying them out. I did today's mani in Crimson Tide. It's an awesome deep red with micro glitter in red and copper. It was a bit messy to apply, and I thought I had it all cleaned up before pics. but I guess not. Cameras sure do pick up every little thing! So ignore my ring and pinky mess. ;-) This was two coats. Maybe I'm crazy, but this polish on the nail reminds me of strawberries. Anyone else think so, or is it just me?

and of course, the bottle pic.

Do you have any LA Splash polishes? If so, what are your favs? I'm thinking about getting a few more, since Cherry Culture is having a 20% off sale so any suggestions on fav. colors would be great. :-)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Claire's Technopop

You know those layered polishes Claire's has? The ones that say DO NOT SHAKE on the top of them? The ones that everyone shakes, because they say DO NOT SHAKE? The ones that always just look meh? Yeah those. For years, I've thought about trying one out. I pick one up, look at it, check the brush and always put it right back. Well, the other day, I stopped in Claire's to check out the mood polish. As always, they had these layered polishes. This time however, one caught my eye. It of course, had already been shaken. I checked the brush, and it had this really cool purple/dark gray glitter color. Since they were also having a sale, I finally decided to go for it and get it. Turns out, these are really cool polishes! Well, the one I got is anyway. I actually grabbed two of them. One for my upcoming giveaway that I'm still gathering things up for.

This polish applied like a dream too! It took two coats, and well, I wish all polishes applied this well! I took lots of pics. in different light. Some with a BC and some without. My right hand looks more gray and my left more purple. My middle finger on my left hand has a pink tingle to it. The colors in this polish (before being shaken)were neon green,neon pink,neon blue,neon purple, and silver holo glitter.

Here are the pics...they were taken before clean up, and I also had to file my nails down last night. ;-( A couple of them were peeling, and I couldn't stand it any more. (Click on the pics. for a better look)

This is with top coat

again with top coat

Without top coat

different light

right hand....looks more gray.

bottle pics.

Do you have any of these layered polishes? What do you think of them?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Island Girl Haul and NOTD

Hey guys! Wow, it's been awhile. I'm not sure how the last week got away from me, without a post. I have so much to show you all, it's crazy! I've been hauling like a mad woman! LOL! I need to slow down a bit. Seriously. I have bought so many polishes lately, and there are still so many new ones coming out that I want. Anyway, these Island Girl polishes were a gift from my parents. They were in Vegas a few weeks ago, and picked them up for me at the ABC store. I LOVE them all!

All of them!(Click on all the pics. for a much better look)

Flakies!! Island Volcano and Mahalo Dream

Glitters! Mahalo Magic,Island Sunset and Aloha Surf

Neons with shimmer...They don't look neon in the pic. but they are. Aloha Heat,Island Babe and Big Island Volcano

More glitters....Island Girl and Hawaiian Volcano

Cuticle Oils....Jasmine,Honeysuckle and Lilac

The one I wore first is Island Sunset. Love,love,love this polish! It's like a berry colored China Glaze Atlantis. :-)

I thought this pic. was kinda cool. :-)

The bottle....look at all the glitter goodness!!! :-)

Do you have any Island Girl polishes? If so, which ones do you have? If not, do you want any of them? I'm afraid to say, I think I'm after ALL of them! LOL!