Monday, August 16, 2010

Island Girl Haul and NOTD

Hey guys! Wow, it's been awhile. I'm not sure how the last week got away from me, without a post. I have so much to show you all, it's crazy! I've been hauling like a mad woman! LOL! I need to slow down a bit. Seriously. I have bought so many polishes lately, and there are still so many new ones coming out that I want. Anyway, these Island Girl polishes were a gift from my parents. They were in Vegas a few weeks ago, and picked them up for me at the ABC store. I LOVE them all!

All of them!(Click on all the pics. for a much better look)

Flakies!! Island Volcano and Mahalo Dream

Glitters! Mahalo Magic,Island Sunset and Aloha Surf

Neons with shimmer...They don't look neon in the pic. but they are. Aloha Heat,Island Babe and Big Island Volcano

More glitters....Island Girl and Hawaiian Volcano

Cuticle Oils....Jasmine,Honeysuckle and Lilac

The one I wore first is Island Sunset. Love,love,love this polish! It's like a berry colored China Glaze Atlantis. :-)

I thought this pic. was kinda cool. :-)

The bottle....look at all the glitter goodness!!! :-)

Do you have any Island Girl polishes? If so, which ones do you have? If not, do you want any of them? I'm afraid to say, I think I'm after ALL of them! LOL!


  1. Wow, nice parents! Can you believe I have no Island Girl at all? It's true.

  2. They look beautiful! And Island Girl really does look like Atlantis! Different color, of course!

  3. OMG OMG OMG! I loved these, I don't have any Island Girl Polishes but I want them all now! Your parents are so sweet. <3

  4. Your parents are so sweet, I need those flakies!!

  5. OMGOMG, those are the cutest polishes ever!!

    Okay I need to google this NOW. lol

  6. Oh wow! Aloha Surf is mindblowing! Great haul!

  7. Hi! New follower here! :) What an awesome haul! Fun colors! =D

  8. The polishes all look great! And the cuticle oils look awesome! :)

  9. KarenD...Yeah, that was super sweet of my parents to get them for me. :-) They are awesome. I actually can't believe you don't have any IG! You seem to have everything! lol! ;-)

    Aurora's Nails....Thank you! It really does.

    AggiePigeon....You should def. get some if you can. It made me super happy to get them. Love my parents! :-)

    Freshie...I LOVE the flakies too! I want them all! lol....It was super sweet of them to get them for me. :-)

    milan and vanaily...LOL...Did you find any info. on them? I've found it's hard to.

    Kaz...Thanks! It's one of my favs.

    Jennifae...Hi! Thanks for following me! I really appreciate it. :-) I'm going to check your blog out as well.

    Musicalhouses...Thanks! The cuticle oil smells sooo good.

  10. Hi! It's my 1st time here. Nice blog! :)

    Sadly, I don't have any Island Girl nail polish. I don't think we have them here. I'm drooling to see all that pretty colors! You have very sweet parents.

  11. Ohhhh I just bought Island Sunset 2 days ago at the ABC store