Monday, August 30, 2010

Pumpkin Polish and New Nicole GLITTERS!

Hey guys! :-) How has your Mon. been? Mine has been surprisingly good for a Mon. I started my day by going to Starbucks, and they had Pumpkin Spice lattes and Pumpkin scones! My two favs. It also means fall is finally coming! I love pretty much everything about the fall. The colors,the food,weather,football,pumpkins,halloween etc...The second awesome thing that happened today is, I got nail mail! A really sweet girl I met not long ago, sent me nine of the Blue Cross Pumpkin polishes! She refused to let me send her anything in return...but I think I will surprise her with something anyway. It was too sweet for her to do that. We haven't even known each other long. Anyway....I have wanted these polishes ever since I started seeing bloggers post about them in previous years. However, there are no Rite Aid stores anywhere near me. I also got the cutest cat purse in the mail today. I ordered from the Animal Rescue Site. After all of that, I found a long lost college friend on Facebook. So all in all, a very good day. :-)

Here are a few pics. of the pumpkin polishes. There are nine in all. Four cremes...neon orange,neon purple,black and a white. There are also five glitters that glow in the day! An orange,purple,blue,pink and greenish white.

As always, don't forget to click the pics. to make them bigger. ;-)

All of them

The creams

and the glitters

Aren't they cute?! I love them! :-)

Have you seen the new glitters from Nicole? I think they are Target exclusives. There are also a few shimmers, and creams, but the winners to me are the glitters.

I got four four of the glitters. There are six total. The two I passed on were a gold and a silver because I have so many of those already. I also got a dark magenta/silver which is new.

Mia-Magenta Me? Glitz and Glisten,Pitch-Black Glimmer,Sensational Scarlet and Such A Go-Glitter

Today I am wearing Sensational Scarlet. (I will swatch the others soon) SS is a red base with red and magenta and holo glitter. I've read that it's comparable to Massini Slamming Red. I can't say for sure that it is, as I don't have SR. It's def. on my wish list though. However, in pics. I've seen, it does look similar.

This is two coats, but I could have gotten away with one! When I first applied it, it was a bit gritty as glitters sometimes are..

but then I applied a top coat, and got this....

blinggy red!

I LOVE this color! Then again, I love red and glitter, so this is a win for me. :-)

Do you have any of these colors?


  1. Very nice swatch I love the red/glitter.

    OMG that black Nicole polish looks awesome.

    I will have to run to Rite Aid near me and see if they have the pumpkin polishes they look nice!

  2. Ahh, I love those pumpkin polishes! I have seen pics of them online. The bottles are awesome!

    That blingy red is gorgeous.

  3. I love those pumpkins! We don't have a Rite Aide OR a CVS here anymore =(

  4. Those halloween polishes are soooo cute! I looked it up and there aren't any Rite Aids in Arizona. I'll be keeping an eye out for them at other stores, though. That red jelly glitter from Nicole is gorgeous!

  5. It is a hallmark to get the Pumpkin Spice at Starbucks. :) I love it in my Chai Latte.

    Those pumpkin polishes are so stinkin' cute!!!
    They look so sweet lined up like that.

    I'll have to check out the Nicole's at Target. You have tempted me.

  6. I did pick up the Nicoles but I don't have Rite Aids in my area. Would love some of those pumpkin polishes :)

  7. Those Pumpkin Polishes are just too cute! I wish I could just run off and get them!
    Thanks for showing!

  8. I have a few pumpkins from earlier years--the glitters glow in the dark, which is fun. I try to avoid Nicoles because their bottle annoys me. The glitter in Slamming Red is all uniform, no hex like the Nicole, but other than that it looks like it might be close.

  9. Gina...Thanks! I'm going to be trying the black glitter soon. :-) Were you able to find the Pumpkin polish yet?

    Tierney...Thank you! :-)

    Freshie...We don't have Rite Aid here either. CVS is another story...they are everywere! They can be really slow about polish though. (The stores here)

    DesertNails...Thanks! I hope you are able to find some. :-)

    Kimberly...I wait for the pumpkin spice all year. :-) I LOVE it! It def. means fall is on the way, when they start serving it. Were you able to find the Nicole polish at Target?

    rmcandlelight...Did you get all of the Nicole's? Yeah, there isn't a Rite Aid near me either. I've wanted the pumpkin polish ever since I saw it online a few years ago. I found someone on MUA to pick them up for me. You might want to check there. :-)

    Charis...Trust me, I know the feeling! ;-)

    KarenD...Yeah, the Nicole bottles are not the best. I really don't like them, but I couldn't pass the glitters up. :-) I didn't think Slamming Red was exactly the same, but I wasn't sure. I hope to have it one day.

  10. Do you think that girl would send me them? I mean I'll pay her and everything. I was excited when I read this because we have a Rite Aid but they only had the white and black pumpkin. =( I'd really want them all, especially the glow in the dark ones. I love those!!! Nice blog though =)

  11. Pumpkin glazes are also sold online? I'm from Brazil.