Sunday, August 1, 2010

Worried about my dog, Butter London, Island Girl, and NOTD

Hey guys. I know I haven't posted for a couple of days. I'm sorry about that. I've been really upset since going to the vet on Fri. A few weeks ago, my beagle had his blood work done. His white cell count was low. They put him on meds. for infection for three weeks, hoping that would do the trick. Had to take him on Fri. for a recheck of blood work. The results were not good. They were worse. :-( I'm super scared about cancer. That's the big one we have to get out of the way. Tomorrow we see a specialist for a possible bone marrow test,ultra sound etc... It could be something simple, but it could be cancer. That's my biggest fear, and I'm a nervous wreck over it. The crazy thing is, my dog is acting normal. If I wouldn't have had to take him in for the blood recheck, I never would have even thought to take him to the vet. I always take my pets to the vet at the first sign anything is wrong. I don't ever wait. He's eating,playing,going for walks etc...he might be sleeping a little more, but it's been super hot all summer, and my lab is sleeping more as well. Anyway, that's what's been going on here the past couple of days. My best friend since second grade is in town and I haven't even seen her, because I'm just too upset. :-( He's my baby. I would appreciate any and all good thoughts etc...sent his way. We could sure use them! Here's a pic. of my baby....


On to happier news.....I just saw that Ulta is now carring Butter London!! How exciting is that?! The polishes are online here:

I have no idea if they will be carrying them in the stores, but I sure hope so! That would be awesome! :-) I haven't ever tried BL but I sure want to.

Also, on Fri. I found out that my parents, who are on vacation in Las Vegas, bought me TEN bottles of Island Girl polish and a set of IG cuticle oils! I can't wait to see them! That was a bit of good news on Fri.

I have been wearing the dark red/pink glitter polish that I posted about in my pervious post. The one from the Claires pink collection. I am in LOVE with this polish! It's super pretty and super glitterly! I know I already post a pic. of it, but since I'm still wearing it, I took a few more and thought I'd post a couple. This polish (as well as the others in the set) doesn't have a name. I put it on my nails on Thurs. morning, and still have it on with no chips! I really,really wish there was a bigger bottle of this. I need more of it!

It really reminds me of a pink Ruby Slippers from Essie!

Well, I hope you all are having a MUCH better weekend than I am. Going to try to do something today to keep my mind off of tomorrow. :-( Hopefully, I will have an update with GOOD news! I sure need it!


  1. Hey, I am thinking about your dog. I also have a beagle :) Half a year ago we found him cancer. But he was acting all normal. He had a surgery done and then we waited if it will come back. Now we can say it is over and he is healthy. Hope everything will be ok with yours. Don´t worry, they are so strong! Hugs!

  2. Oh, I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you and Buster. <3

    Very exciting news about Butter London. I do hope they'll be in-store, too!

  3. Thank you. I'm sorry you had to go through that, but super happy for you and your dog, that he's ok now. :-) I'm just so nervous, I can hardly stand it. :-( If you don't mind my asking, what kind of cancer did your dog have? You are right, they are strong....stronger than I am! ;-) Aren't beagles fun dogs?

  4. swatchcat.....Thank you SO much! I'm a nervous wreck, and I'm dreading tomorrow and the coming week. :-(

    I might pop into Ulta today. I'll have to ask about Butter London. I've heard that Ulta has the new OPI Swiss collection out. It might do me good to get out of this house for awhile! I'm just sitting around worrying.

  5. Hey, I'll be thinking about Buster. My dog is half beagle, half shepherd. Please keep us updated and just hang in there! That's a very nice pink glitter, too! Claire's has some really nice stuff!

  6. *hugs* I'm so sorry for your baby!

  7. I really hope they carry butter LONDON in stores...I don't want to pay shipping but I reallly want to try some!

    I hope your dog gets better and everything turns out okay.

  8. I hope your beagle gets better. I'll be thinking of him =)

  9. Oh, I pray Buster is okay :( He's a cutie. Reminds me of my beagle Jessie.
    That is super exciting about Ulta, yay!

  10. They are super fun! We have five in the family and love them :)
    My dog had thyroid cancer, the vet said it is extremely rare for dogs to have this. I am glad it is over. It was a nightmare for me, the dog was happy all the time and he enjoyed the extra care :) Don´t worry!

  11. Aurora....Thank you! He is at the specialty vet right now. They are running some more tests. The results should be back in about an hour and a half. I'm hanging in there.....barely! I will def. post updates when I can. Hopefully good ones!

    AggiePigeon..Thank you!

    Zara...Thanks! Me too!


    amanda....Thank you so very much! I really appreciate it. I know! I couldn't believe it when I saw BL on the Ulta website! Will be really awesome if they carry it in the stores too!

    AllYouDesire...Wow, five beagles! :-) They are such cute dogs. Love them! How scary for you and your dog, but I'm glad your dog is ok now. :-) I'm trying super hard to not worry, but's difficult. :-( Hope to know more soon, and hopefully it's good.

  12. Awww, poor doggie! We've got a Beagle mix along with our three big ones, and she's the spoiled darling of the bunch. I really hope everything turns out to be okay for him!

  13. Original_Wacky...Thank you so much! My pets are my babies. Love them to death! :-) He is doing very well. He actually just had his blood tests done again today, and the pills are working! :-) It seriously made my day!