Thursday, July 29, 2010

Claire's PINK collection!

I've had this set for about a month, and just decided to swatch them today. I am glad I did! I'm always amazed by how much I end up liking Claire's polish. These are all winners! The set is made up of two glitters (LOVE) a neon,cream, and two shimmers. Application was pretty good on all of them. There are a couple that were streaky, but all turned out well. Oh....and these are all no namers.

First up is the neon pink. This one is super bright! I think it might even be brighter than CG Pool Party.....if that's even possible. This is two coats.

This one is a super pretty dark pink, almost red base with lots of pink and dark pink glitter. I think it would make a good Christmas color. LOVE,love,love this one! I ended up doing my full mani in this color.

Next is one of the shimmers. In the right light you can get a blue tone to it as well. I couldn't for the life of me, capture it on camera.

This is my absolute fav. of the bunch. It's a hot pink with tons of fine silver glitter. I wish they made a bigger bottle of it. I may go back and grab another set for backups!

Bottle pic....look at all the glitter!

Close up of the finish

This one surprised me the most. It looks like a pastel pink in the bottle. It even applied like one. However, once on the nail, it's a bright bubble gum pink.

The last one is a deep, almost purple shimmer. Not usually my kind of color, but I really like this one.

I apologize for the messiness. Right in the middle of my swatching, it started to thunder. My two dogs, especially my beagle is terrified of thunder. He kept jumping up on my lap, and my lab was pacing. Poor babies. :-( So I kinda hurried through.

Buster listening for the thunder.

Napa telling me to put the polish down! lol

Poor things....don't they look scared? :-( I hate it when they are scared, therefore, I hate it when it storms. I have two cats as well, and one of them hides under the bed when it storms. The other one, along with my horse could care less!

Anyway, I need to get off of here for now. I might have another post with the new Milani Haute collection later tonight. If not, then tomorrow. Have a great day!


  1. These are all so cute! I especially love the really glittery one! And adorable puppies! My dog is terrified of storms and hides in the bathtub!

  2. awww, your doggies are too cute

  3. Great swatching! Poor bebes. They do look frightened.

  4. Aurora.....Thanks! Do you mean the dak pink with glitter? I am in LOVE with that one. I actually ended up doing my nails in that color last night. It's super pretty.....I wish I could capture all of it's glittery goodness on camera! I also wish they had a big bottle of it. What kind of dog do you have? I'm sure if mine could jump in the tub they would do that too!

  5. Danielle...Thanks! They are my babies! :-)

    Kimberly...Thank you! Yes, the poor things were so scared. :-( They are all better now though. :-)

  6. Aw, poor fur babies. They do look worried.

    Those Claire's sets always look so enticing; I have to resist the temptation to get one of each. :)

  7. I love pinks! Your dogs are soo cute hihihi! I sent you an email ;)

  8. omg i love the dark glitter.. and the silver glitter one.. but i love all pinks! too bad those bottles are so tiny.. :-(. your doggy looks so sad though.. but adorable

  9. KarenD....They were! They hate storms! I know what you mean about Claire's sets. They are hard to resist! I had to get the flakies set as well.

    milan and vanaily....Me too! The hot pink in this set is super bright! Love it! :-)

    tasha.....Thank you! I sent you a message back. Your polish is all ready to be sent. :-)

    Pretty.....Thanks.....he was quite scared, but he's ok now. :-) I love all pinks too, but my favs. from this set were the two glitters too.