Friday, July 23, 2010

Back from vacation and polish haul!

Warning....major pic. spam! ;-)

Wow, it's been awhile! It feels like it anyway. I see I have a few new followers....welcome! :-) So....vacation to Colorado was absolutely wonderful. We stayed in Steamboat Springs, and it was just so nice and relaxing. Just what I needed. The temps. were amazing. It felt like fall, and we were wearing sweatshirts,swimming in the natural hot springs, and using the hot tub daily. It got down to 50 in the evening a few times. It was such a nice break from the awful hot, and humid weather here in KS. As soon as we pulled back into KS the temp. read 108 8pm! I was ready to go home,grab my pets, and go back to Colorado! We went to Rocky Mountain National Park, and loved it so much, we decided to go back the next day. Have you been there? It is really beautiful, and the wildlife watching is great. Here are a few pics. of many from the trip.....I won't bore you with too many. ;-) If you want to skip the trip pics. just scroll down a bit for my nail news.

As always, click pics. to make bigger. :-)

I HAD to take a pic. of this! Too funny! I'm sure most of you have seen Cast Away with Tom Hanks...edit to add that this pic. was NOT taken in wouldn't have been so funny if it was. Just sayin. ;-)

Then there is this cute little guy, and I will stop with the trip pics. ;-)

Ok, now on to the nail news. I don't know if it was because I was in the water a lot or what, but my nails kept splitting on me while I was away. :-( I had to file them down a bit, but not too bad. They seemed to be super dry while I was there. I did come home with new polish! Probably not anything you haven't already seen, but new to me. I have never seen NYX polish in person, and found some in CO. I grabbed four of them. Plus a few more things...

Here's a pic. of everything...

NYX polishes in Maroon,Asphalt,Rainbow Sparkle and Le Prive

Pic. of Asphalt's black with multi colored glitter!

Rainbow Sparkle bottle

I found a new collection of four Essence polishes, called Surfer Babe. I bought two different colors. The World's Coolest and Point Break. I got two of the Point Break, and am going to put one in my giveaway that is coming up soon, so stay tuned! :-)

I also saw a new display of Sally Hansen Diamond polishes. I grabbed two of them. Poppy Love and Cut the Cake! I picked up China Glaze Grape Juice as well.

I took close up pics. of the SH so you could see the sparkle. They both (actually the whole collection does)have glitter. First up is Poppy Love...

Cut the Cake!

I have been trying to find the Ulta Glam Goth collection for awhile, and I finally found it! I also fond the Ulta Beauty Gems collection, which was on sale for $4.95 so of course, I had to get it.

Last, I found these super cute matchbox files from Tweezerman. Half of the sale goes towards the Humane Society which is very close to my heart. I'm thinking about trying to find more to add to my giveaway.

Whew! That was a lot of pics! I warned ya! :-) Do you have any of the polishes I posted?

I will have swatches of all the above, and much more coming soon.


  1. Nice haul! And great scenery; I don't own any of those polishes actually haha, so it will be nice to see them swatched!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed the mountains! Those are excellent pictures of RMNP. It's so peaceful up there! But it is nice to get home for the furbabies!

  3. those pictures look great! i love the mountains! i think im gonna try out those products! thanks! love your blog!

  4. Colorado looks like it was very relaxing.
    Sweet haul, it's fun to find brands that aren't carried in the local midwest :)

  5. Aurora's Nails...Thanks! I will be working on swatches soon. :-)

    swatchcat...Thanks so much! I LOVED CO! Absolutely loved it! I now want to move there! lol! You are right, it's very peaceful there. Just what I needed. I loved the cooler weather to. I was happy to get back to my furbabies thought. I missed them like crazy, but they were fine. Thank goodness!

    Louela....Thank you! Aren't the mountains nice? So relaxing there. Which products do you want to get? All of them? ;-)

    amanda....It was very relaxing. Exactly what I needed. I want to go back! :-) I love finding polishes that I can't get at home. I was surprised to find the NYX.

  6. that green nyx looks awesome! I need to order some NYX

  7. I LOVE it! :-) It's the first one I grabbed! I'm not sure why it's called Rainbow Sparkle, but it sure is pretty. I need to get more of the NYX polishes too.