Friday, July 9, 2010

BB Couture Frosty Meadow and Vacation

This is going to be a short one, as I have to get up in five hours. I'm so not a morning person, so I need to get to bed. Also, I might not post much in the next week or so. I'm leaving for vacation, and I'm not sure how often I will be online. I am taking my laptop, so I'll probably check in from time to time. If I don't for some reason, I haven't left. I will be back soon. :-)

Today I did my nails with BB Couture's Frosty Meadow. It's a green jelly with lots of green,silver, and a little gold micro glitter. Application was good. I did three coats, but could have stopped at two.

Pic. of the bottle....look at all the glitter! BB Couture makes the best glitters.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Do you have any big plans?


  1. this looks really nice i love the sparkle. i like your blog, check out mine and maybe follow me too?


  2. Lovely color! Thanks for checking out my blog. I'm really enjoying yours!

  3. Love the color, there should be way more sparkly greens out in the polish world :-)

  4. Thanks, Jackie! It was wonderful! :-)

    Nail Junkie...Thank you so much! I appreciate it. I will definitely check your blog out today.

    rightonthenail...Thanks so much! I enjoy your blog too.

    Charis...I agree!

  5. I love this color it is gorgeous! Well, I love all greens lol!

  6. Thanks, tasha! :-) I love all greens too!