Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lippmann Collection 'All That Jazz' Swatches!

Wow! Welcome to my new followers, and a HUGE thank you to Brooke B. from for adding me to her new blogs on the blog post! :-) I can't believe I already have almost 80 followers, in a little over a week! This makes me happy, and I will be doing my first giveaway soon. So stay tuned for the info.

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a few days. Things have been crazy here! We decided only a couple of days ago to take a driving trip to Steamboat Springs Colorado. We were going to leave tomorrow at 5am (ugh! I know!)so I've been rushing around like a mad woman trying to get things in order to go. Of course, our vet happens to be full this week. I refuse to leave the dogs at a new vet right now, so my parents were going to come pet sit for us. Which is awesome! I'm a planner, and I don't like last min. plans. There is just so much to do before going off on a vacation, and I was about to lose my mind. BUT I was getting there. Then today, I get a call from the stables that I need to come deworm my horse. So I had to call the vet,wait on a return call etc...Meanwhile, one of my cats starts throwing up, and I find out from our dog and cat vet, that our beagles blood tests were off, and he needs meds. Oh! and I have an earache. I don't think I've had one of those since I was eight. Finally, I told my husband, that I just couldn't go until Fri. or Sat. Luckily, he was understanding, and so was work. So we are now leaving Sat. for a MUCH needed vacation. So that's why I've been MIA. One good thing to happen today....I got my Lippmann Collection All that Jazz set!! I didn't think it was supposed to get here until sometime next week, so that was a much needed surprise. I finally managed to get some down time tonight, and got some swatches of them.

First up is Razzle Dazzle. It has lots of berry colored and deep pink glitter, in a dark berry colored base. I did three coats, and application was great. Super pretty color!

Next is Lady Sings The Blues. I'm thinking this one is going to be a huge hit. It's a dark,inky jelly with regular and hex glitter. I only needed two coats of this one. Again, application was great. This polish is pretty much a blue version of Lippmann's Ruby Red Slippers. Love,love,love this color! :-)

The third one of the set is Some Enchanted Evening. It has salmon colored regular and hex glitter, in a clear base. It looks ok alone, but would be much better as a top coat.

I also ordered Sarah Smile which is a light pink color. I usually don't go for colors like these, but for some reason I really liked this one. Plus my mom's name is Sarah. :-) Here is Some Enchanted Evening layered over Sarah Smile.

One last pic. of Sarah Smile alone.

That's it for tonight. I'm going to get off of here, and go get some much needed sleep! I hope you all have a good night. :-)


  1. Steamboat huh? Sounds like fun ~ I love these polishes and may breakdown for the Bad Romance very soon!

  2. Oh, really pretty:) I'll be getting my set on Friday. I'm loving enchanted evening over Sarah smile. ♪Sarah smile♪ by Hall & Oates. I love that song. I'm telling my age. lol!

  3. Yeah, we are going to go to the hot springs, have massages,I'm getting a facial and pedi. and just relax! I can't wait to get to a place with cooler weather. It's been so hot here!

    I broke down the day these were online, and ordered them all! Bad Romance and Across the Universe are on the way to me. I bought them as a b-day gift for myself. ;-)

  4. rmcandlelight...Thanks. :-) You'll love them! Did you order the other two as well? I just couldn't pass them up.

    Oh, and of course! I knew there was a song called Sarah Smile! I wondered why it sounded so familiar to me. lol! Good song.

  5. I love the blue one!

    I hope you will have a nice vacation after all :)

  6. Great swatches, can't wait to get my set! Have a great trip, and hope all of your fur babies feel better.

  7. I wasn't sure I'd like Razzle Dazzle from the bottle pics but I'm really liking it in the swatches I'm seeing today. Now to think about what I want to layer Some Enchanted over...

  8. Thank you all so much! I'm really looking forward to getting away for a few days. My fur babies all had a good day today, so hopefully they are all fine now. :-)

    KarenD...Razzle Dazzle is really pretty. When I saw the bottle, I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not. Then I put it on, and LOVED it. :-) When you decide what to layer Some Enchanted over, post pics! ;-)

  9. These are gorgeous!!! I don't have any Deborah Lippman polishes, I keep meaning to order some! They're always pretty and she does great glitters.