Saturday, July 3, 2010

Orly Plastix Collection

Today I have the Orly Plastix collection for you. I know it's supposed to be a fall collection, but I picked them up about a month ago. I got them at Ulta. When I first heard about this collection, I was really excited about them. I scooped them up as soon as I saw them. I'm not a huge fan of mattes, unless they are glitter. Hearing that these would be like shinny mattes intrigued me. They sounded really cool. I don't love them or hate them. I do like them ok. I will wear them. Especially a couple of the colors. Application was a bit tricky. All were three coats, and still a little streaky. Because of the finish, they will pick up any tiny imperfection on the nail. To me, they almost seem rubbery. For some reason, they remind me of the texture of balloons.

First up, is Old School Orange.

Retro Red

Purple of my favs! :-)

Viridian Vinyl

A close up of the texture

Do you plan to buy any of the Plastix collection? What do you think of the it,love it or hate it?


  1. after seeing swatches of these I am not nearly as excited as i was when I first heard about these, not too keen on the finish, besides, it would just end up with layers of topcoat to make it loo shiny on me anyway!

  2. Yeah, I kinda feel the same way. I was REALLY excited for them, but not so much after I saw swatches. Of course, I just had to try them myself. They aren't as good as I thought they would be, nor are they as bad as I thought. Just ok. I'll wear a couple of them. I completely forgot to add a top coat to at least one color. I'll have to try it sometime.

  3. LOL I'm feeling the opposite way, I hadn't seen swatches but I think I want a couple after seeing them.

  4. They really aren't that bad. :-) I like them better than I like most mattes. Which ones do you want to get?

  5. I have heard a lot of things about these but I don't think anything was all that positive, but I must say, I dig these.
    A rubbery finish just like the Sinful mattes had, it sounds like a dream.

    Whenever they get to Sweden, I think I am going to have to check them out in person

  6. Hmmmm....I'm not feeling the love. I do like the purple on you though.

  7. Im not sold on these but thanks for the swatches!

  8. schmut...I do like the rubbery finish, a lot. Sinful had mattes?! I had no idea. How long ago was that?

    Kimberly...Thank you! :-)

    Lily...I'm glad you like it. Have you been able to find it yet?

    tasha..Your welcome! They aren't for everyone, that's for sure. :-)

  9. I actually like the finish but I'm wondering if I'll wear these all that often. I'm thinking of just getting the mini versions....but I hate minis! Argh! Decisions decisions!

  10. I quite like the finish too. I didn't even know there were minis until after I bought the full sizes! I only like minis if it's in a color I won't use all that much. I think I would have bought them in this collection if I'd seen them.