Sunday, August 29, 2010

BBC Fairy Blood & CG Pink Twinkle

I wore this combo for a couple of days this past week. I'm actually still wearing Borghese Nero Magico (the new black glitter...can be seen in previous post)and love it so much I didn't want to change it yet. Anyway, I started out with BB Couture Fairy Blood. I wore it for about a day and a half and then added Cover Girl's Pink Twinkle over top. I really like these two together. :-) BBC Fairy Blood is a deep red jelly with red glitter. I used three coats of it, and it applied great. Pink Twinkle is a pinkish base with pink/orange flakes. I used two thin coats of it over BBC VB.

First a pic. of the finished product ;-)

This is just the BBC FB....these two pics. aren't the best. It was actually while taking these, that I started feeling sick and dizzy and had to stop. :-(

In this pic. you are able to see the glitter better...

Another of the two polishes together

Close up's

Bottle pics...First is BBC FB and then CG PT

I hope you all are having an awesome weekend! I'm off to get some ice cream with the husband. Peanut butter for me and strawberry double peanut butter cups for him. :-)


  1. Where do you get the Covergirl polish? I haven't seen them at any of the drugstores.

  2. Hi, Donna. Thanks for following me. :-) I found this color at Target in the clearance section, but I've seen the full collection at both K-Mart and Bed,Bath and Beyond. Which colors are you looking for?

  3. I'm not looking for a specific color. In a way I'm new to cosmetics, for many years I was a stay at home mom and didn't bother with makeup, and now I've started wearing it again, including polish. I just remembered that back in high school/college I liked Maybelline and Covergirl polishes and so I was disappointed when I couldn't find any CG polishes anymore, and the Maybelline is way limited compared to way back when.