Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Claire's Technopop

You know those layered polishes Claire's has? The ones that say DO NOT SHAKE on the top of them? The ones that everyone shakes, because they say DO NOT SHAKE? The ones that always just look meh? Yeah those. For years, I've thought about trying one out. I pick one up, look at it, check the brush and always put it right back. Well, the other day, I stopped in Claire's to check out the mood polish. As always, they had these layered polishes. This time however, one caught my eye. It of course, had already been shaken. I checked the brush, and it had this really cool purple/dark gray glitter color. Since they were also having a sale, I finally decided to go for it and get it. Turns out, these are really cool polishes! Well, the one I got is anyway. I actually grabbed two of them. One for my upcoming giveaway that I'm still gathering things up for.

This polish applied like a dream too! It took two coats, and well, I wish all polishes applied this well! I took lots of pics. in different light. Some with a BC and some without. My right hand looks more gray and my left more purple. My middle finger on my left hand has a pink tingle to it. The colors in this polish (before being shaken)were neon green,neon pink,neon blue,neon purple, and silver holo glitter.

Here are the pics...they were taken before clean up, and I also had to file my nails down last night. ;-( A couple of them were peeling, and I couldn't stand it any more. (Click on the pics. for a better look)

This is with top coat

again with top coat

Without top coat

different light

right hand....looks more gray.

bottle pics.

Do you have any of these layered polishes? What do you think of them?


  1. I've been avoiding them because I like to shake (or at least roll) my bottles before I do a mani, and just know that if I managed to get one that hadn't been shaken, that wouldn't last long once I got it.

  2. I have an unshaken in my closet with pastels (pink, green, yellow and peach) and when I pull the brush out it's still only pink. I wonder how many times I'd have to use the one color for it to get to the next? I haven't decided if it's getting shaken yet or not because yours looks so pretty!

  3. Hah, yours is BEAUTIFUL. Want to see my disaster?
    http://www.polishgalore.com/2010/06/claires-technopop.html Looks like it's shaking time!

  4. Cool ! I never saw these before it's actually very pretty

  5. Heyy! Your is amazing!! I have one of those.. I didnt shake but 2 of them were mixed a little!
    please check out my blog


    Im a new follower and u r welcome :))

  6. Ive never trued them myself, but I have purchased them for other nail lovers! They look fun! Nice review. :)

  7. Aurora's Nails....Thank you! :-)

    KarenD....I know what you mean. I like to shake mine to. I think some of them just look better shaken though. :-)

    Freshie....You should shake it!!! :-) lol....Seriously though, I do think they look better shaken. They are cool to look at when they are layered in the bottle though.

    KeysGoRound....I remember seeing yours awhile back. I do have to say, I actually like that green with glitter that you have. You should shake it though and see how it turns out.

    tasha...Thank you! :-)

    Emy...Thanks! I will def. check your blog out, and follow you. :-)

    Jackie....Thank you! You should try one, and see how it turns out. You might end up liking it. :-)

  8. I did shake 1 of the layered bottles, kinda liked the shaken version better, lol. So it's ok to shake and experience, I think

  9. Halifax....I agree! :-) They look better after shaken. ;-)