Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Confetti/10 polish no more? Lots of swatches here. Grab them while you can!

Sally Hansen (Coty) recently won a temporary restraining order against the company that put out Confetti and 10 polish out. I guess a couple of people who used to work at Coty, signed a contract saying they wouldn't work at a rival company. Or something like that. You can read the full story here

So, if you want any of these polishes, you should go our and grab them as soon as you can. CVS is not restocking them once they are gone. There are a few really nice colors from Confetti. 10 is ok, but I like Confetti better. They are cheaper too. Only $2 you can't really beat that! I suggest if you do go get any, to check the brushes first. They can be kinda funky, so make sure you get one that looks good.

I did some swatches of the ones I have to give you a few ideas. :-) Try to ignore the ugly scratch on my index finger....was playing with my cats. :-)

First up is one of my favs. and it seems to be pretty popular with others right now. It's called My Favorite Martian. It's a swampy green with green/gold flecks through out.

This one is also another fav. called Happy Birthday. It's a deep purple jelly with miro purple glitter.

Smitten is a navy blue with red and blue shimmer. Very pretty color.

Pop the Cork Purple is a deep purple with red shimmer. It looks more blue in the pic. but it's really purple. I couldn't for the life of me seem to get an accurate pic. of this color.

Next up is Party Palace's a tinted blue/clear base with different sized aqua,blue and silver glitter. It's pretty much a topper, and I put it over Pop the Cork Purple here...

Show Stopper is a mauve cream color. Kinda blah.

Now on to the 10 polishes. I only bought two of these. Not much from this line was really calling out to me, but since they might be gone for good, I grabbed a couple to try.

Chocolate Kiss is a chocolate color with a maroon shimmer. it's ok. I think this would be a good toe color.

Palm Beach Purple is grape purple with a silver shimmer. I like this one the best out of the two.

WHEW! That was a lot of pics! Probably didn't need them all, but I get camera happy sometimes. lol....Do you have any polishes by either company? Do you plan to go get some since they might be gone for good soon?


  1. Great swatches! Love them all, especially Party Palace Blue! I want these polishes really bad, can you order them online or anything? I live in the Netherlands :)

    P.S. I put you on my blogroll, can you please add me on yours, too?

  2. These are still at my local CVS, I grabbed some last night :)

  3. purple pizazz is really pretty

  4. I Love all these colors!! gorgeous :)

  5. I got some of both brands when they first came out and liked 10 Pro better--for like colors, it covered in fewer coats. I did go back and pick up a few more when I first heard about the lawsuit (and remembered to check brushes on the Confettis--sure enough a couple were wonky).

  6. Lois....Thanks! I will def. check your blog out and add you. I don't think you can get these anywhere besides CVS...and I think once they are gone, they are gone for good. :-( I'd be up for a swap if your interested? Just let me know. :-)

    Jackie...Yeah, they still seem to be pretty easy to find around here as well. I guess a few people have said, their stores are running low though. Which colors did you get?

    Cara and Linsay....Thanks! :-)

    Karen...Really?? Which 10 Pro colors did you get? I might have to check them out again. I usually end up liking everything you swatch! :-) Yeah, the Confetti brushes can be kinda funny. I found that out the hard way....the first time I bought them.

  7. I think the same way you do, that the 10 line looks bleh... but these swatches are beautiful! I love Chocolate Kiss, it looks so shiny, like lacquer. Lucky for me neither the Confetti or the 10s are selling well at my CVS and they've still got almost a full display of both. I think I'll pick up that green Confetti too while I'm at it.

  8. Thank you, Donna! :-) The green one is my fav. and the first one I grabbed this summer. There are still quite a few left at the CVS stores around here as well.

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