Friday, September 17, 2010

Revlon Matte Suede Emerald City

Here is the third color from this collection. I had a bit of trouble applying this one, because the brush is all wonky. I should have checked it before I bought it....I never learn my lesson! lol! I'm not sure if it's because of the brush or not, but I got a few bubbles with this one. I'm thinking about taking it back, and getting a different bottle with a better brush. Is that silly?! I really LOVE the color, so it is a polish I will be wearing. So, considering that, I'd like to have a bottle with a much better brush. We'll see. Anyway, this has the same shimmer as the others. This one has green shimmer. I used three coats and no topcoat.

Close up of the shimmer.

I might go ahead and swatch the last one of this collection today...We'll see how long I can stand the bubbles in this one. lol! I'm kinda OCD about my polish. ;-)


  1. I would so take it back and exchange for a new bottle, where did you purchase it from?

  2. I almost never remember to check brushes, either.

    This looks pretty shiny for a matte suede. I haven't tried my bottle of this yet.

  3. Oh gosh! This is alot prettier outside the bottle! lol!

  4. Danielle...I think I will...the brush is just too bad to keep using. :-/ I got it at Target.

    KarenD...Same would think that I would remember to do that by now, but I just don't! At least I'm not alone. ;-) I too, thought this one looked shiny. More so than the others. It almost looks like I used a TC, but I really didn't. Did you get the whole collection?

    Starlight...Thanks! It is very pretty...that's why I can't stand to have a bad brush!

  5. Hm..It's not purely Matte, but like, shinyish matte.
    Suede indeed! >o<
    Totally will check this out if I see it anytime soon!

  6. I think it's perfectly reasonable to return it and get one with a proper brush! And don't feel bad...I ALWAYS forget to check the brush. Every. Single. Time. :)

  7. AnnKiins....No, it's not completely matte, which is why I like them so much! lol! They are at Targets only I think.

    Zara...I have to run to Target today, so I'm taking it back with me. :-) I will def. check the brush this time! lol...I don't know why I always forget to check!

  8. I love this color and actually have it on my nails right now :) I saw where you said that they were only at Target but I actually got mine at Kroger here in Indiana - not sure if there are Kroger stores in other states... but it gives another option :)