Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Golden Tourmaline.....Finally a RED holo!

I bought this off of ebay last week for only $1.99 I've been wanting it for awhile, as I've been searching for a red holo for what seems like forever! I don't know why there aren't very many, but this is the closest I've seen to being a true red holo yet. I LOVE it. If all the SH Prisms are this good, I think I may need to find some more of them. Too bad they are discontinued.

I used two coats of this, but could have gotten away with only one! How awesome is that?! These pics. don't do it justice, but I tried. It was pretty cloudy this morning too.

Click on them to see the holo goodness. :-)

Do you have any of the SH Prisms? If so which ones? Or which are your favs? I need ideas for what to get next! ;-)


  1. Ooh, that is really pretty! I don't understand why companies don't make holo polishes permanent!

  2. Thanks!! You know what?! I don't either!! I really don't get it...Most people seem to love them, so they would be big sellers.

  3. Sally Hansen is the worst offender. SH always discontinues or makes LE all the best and most popular of their shades/types of polish. I could understand a top of the line company doing this, you don't want your product to seem a Channel or Dior. But c'mon! Sally Hansen? They need to make more, not less of their best polishes. If I worked for SH marketing I'd tell them to get rid of their difficult Insta Dry line and replace it with Nail Prisms, get rid of some of their more boring Salon colors and replace them with the best of the Tracy Reese LE Salon colors.

  4. I SOOO wish they would bring back the old glitters and the prisms! I really don't care for the Insta Dry line either. The TR would be great too!