Thursday, September 16, 2010

Revlon Matte Suede Fire Fox

Fire Fox is the second of the four Revlon Matte Suede that I'm swatching. See below for Powder Puff that was posted yesterday. :-)

Fire Fox is a fire engine red color with red shimmer. Just like Powder Puff, I love this one! Two matte's in a row?! that's unheard of for me! lol...I would say that the finish is somewhere in the middle of a true matte and the Orly Plastix. If that makes sense?

I did three coats of Fire Fox and no top coat. Application was great. Went on very smooth again, dried very fast.

I still have the UGLY eye sore on my middle finger today. UGH! I was hoping it would be gone or at least a bit better. I hate it, and I apologize you have to see it. I know I don't have to post pics. until it's gone, but I feel like swatching!

Ok. Enough about that, and on to the pics. :-)

It was really hard to get the shimmer to show up on camera again, but you can kinda see it in this pic.

Which color should I do next? The green or burgundy?


  1. I bought all the Revlon Matte Suedes except for this one! Wow that is RED! Lolol I'm not crazy about mattes either but I find that this line is more "satin" then "matte". You are going to love the green one! Powder Puff was on the sheer side for me...

    Oh and Thanks for the tag too ;)

  2. P.S.: I posted swatches of the Milani you sent me!

  3. Ok, green it will be then! :-) I had a feeling that one would win. ;-)

    tasha....I first only bought the three you did too. I had no idea this one even existed, until I saw someone else post a pic. of course, I had to go find it. lol I agree, it these are def. more satin...I like them. :-)

    I just saw your DM pics. on your blog, and it looks great on you! :-)