Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blue Sapphire......Starry Starry Night dupe?

I don't think it's truly a dupe, but I've heard it compares pretty well. I do know that it's helped squash my lemming for Essie's SSN. No, not completely, but it will hold me over. One day I WILL own SSN! :-) In the meantime, this little gem from Sephora will have have to do. I truly love this polish. It's my very fav. ever. For now. It's my go to polish. It is super tiny, and I think I have about seven of them. It is currently on sale from $5 to $3 both in store and online. Even though I have seven of them, I'm planning on getting more, to stock up. I don't ever want to be without it. :-)

Blue Sapphire is a deep midnight blue jelly with blue and silver glitter. It applies very well, and I used two coats.

So...are you one of the lucky ones who owns SSN? Do you have any dupes like this one?

I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! :-)


  1. hahahahaha! this is exactly the polish I bought today! not knowing this is a dupe. and not knowing you just posted about this. I'm really happy with this polish, i just love love love it! too bad it was kind of expensive for such a small bottle! I payed 5 euro's for it, so that's 6.50 dollars. how much did you pay for it?

  2. Sadly I don't own Essie SSN either :(
    But I did just order this Sephora one last night! LOL

  3. Lois....Really?! How funny! :-) Isn't it an awesome color?! I LOVE it! I agree with you...the only downside is that it's so small and pricey. I was able to get the last few bottles of it for on sale for $3 each which was better than before.

    Spaceinvaders...Thank you! :-)

    ShortAndSweetNails....Funny that you just bought this one too! Do you love it?!

  4. Is this still available? what color is this?!