Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chanel Morning Rose

Hey, guys! It's pink Wed again! This week, my pink is from the new Chanel summer collection. It's Morning Rose. I saw swatches of this awhile back (before it was released)on MUA and absolutely fell in love with it. I had to have it. So, when it came out last week, I hurried to Nordstroms to grab it. I was on the list, so they gave me a call that it was in. I decided to save it for today, for pink Wed. I kept staring at the bottle. It looks gorgeuous in the bottle. I couldn't wait to wear it! I finally have it on today, and it is pretty, but not $25 pretty as I'd hoped. :-( The pretty gold sparkles don't show up as much as I would have liked. The pink color reminds me of an old 80's pink lipstick that I used to have. Ugh. One that I didn't particularly like. Needless to say, I am disapointed. It was also a pain to photograph, but I did my best. I took many pics. and these are the best, and they aren't that great. With all that being said, application was wonderful, and I used three coats. I just wish the gold glitter was more visible.

Since I wasn't thrilled with the final outcome, I decided to make it matte. I used a coat of Essie's Matte About You, and do like it better matte. First I'll show you the pics. of it matte, and then I'll show you the pics. without the matte.

Without the Matte.

Bottle Pic..

So, what do you guys think of Morning Rose? Do you like it better matte or on it's own? Thanks for looking, and have a great day!


  1. That stinks that you're not as thrilled with it as you had hoped. I actually think it looks beautiful on you! I like it matte and shiny! :)

  2. I like the polish but not at that high price. Shame the gold doesn't show up as nicely in the bottle. I do like the matte look.

  3. I do like both finishes. I really want to get my hands on it... shame it will only launch here on 20th of May!

  4. That is a pretty colour and I like it both shiny and matte.

  5. so soft, I prefer it shiny

  6. Natalie...Aw, well thank you so much! Yeah, I LOVED the way this looked on others, just not so much on me. :-/

    Lucy...Yeah, I really wish the gold showed up more. I swear, it does in others pics. I like it matte best too...but not for $25 Lesson learned!

    Beauty Addict...Thank you! I hope you end up liking it better than I do. ;-)

    Ice Queen...Thank you! :-)

    Miss Starshiny...Thanks! :-)

  7. I actually prefer this matte - you can see all the sparkly goodies in the polish better that way!

  8. Solensdanserinde...Thanks! I do too! :-)

    ABOP....Thanks! I agree! :-)