Friday, April 15, 2011

Orly Here Comes Trouble from the new Pin Up Collection

Happy Friday!!! :-) Is it just me, or has this week flow by?! Maybe it's because I was on vacation over the weekend. I don't know. Anyway, yay for the weekend! ;-)

Today, I have on a polish from Orly's new Pin Up collection. Here Comes Trouble. I am LOVING this color. It is a very bright,sparkly green. The color reminds me of Easter grass. :-) It has small and medium size grass green glitter. Application was really good. I had no issues at all, and it was opaque in two coats, but I used three anyway.

Close Up

Do you plan on getting anything from this collection? There are four polishes. Two pinks that look pretty dupable to me. Then this one, and a purple glitter that looks like a purple version of Here Comes Trouble. I really want to pick that one up as well. I found them at Ulta, but the purple was already sold out. I'm hoping Sally's gets them in soon.

Have a great Friday! I'm off to meet some friends for cupcakes. Imagine that! lol ;-)


  1. I love glitter polish so I will be buying both of them. I haven't seen the two pinks yet.

  2. Charlotte Sparkle...Thank you! :-)

    Lucy....I've seen them all in person except the purple glitter. I'm on the hunt for it though. ;-)