Saturday, December 31, 2011

My New Year's Eve Mani....Lynnderella Change & CG Blue Year's Eve.

Hey guys! Happy New Year's Eve! ;-) Did you have a good Christmas? Do you have any big plans for tonight? I'm getting ready to head out, but wanted to get my NYE mani. posted before the night is over. :-)

I started out using two coats of China Glaze Blue Year's Eve, which is from the CG Holiday 2011 collection. BYE is a deep blue glass fleck. Application was a little runny, but nothing too bad.

I then added two coats of Lynnderella Change. Changes is made up of different shades of gold,copper and red glitter. The glitter is multi shaped....squares,round and hex of different sizes.

First up, the finished mani.

China Glaze Blue Year's Eve on it's own.

Thanks for reading, and I hope whatever you are doing tonight, you have a fun and safe time! :-)


  1. Man..this is the second mani I've seen now that makes me regret I didn't get Change! Beautiful!

  2. mrsrexy...Thank you so much! You should get it next time it's available. I think it will be in Jan. ;-)

  3. wow, I didn't know this CG was that beautiful! *v*
    and gorgeous combo with Lynn!

  4. Nailderella....Thanks! I do love the CG too. I'm def. going to have to wear it on it's own sometime. :-)

  5. I love this combo! You have the best ideas :)

  6. LOVE Change over blue! Great combination! <3