Monday, December 19, 2011

The Make Up Store's Greta.

Good afternoon! This is going to be a short one, as I'm about to run out the door. My busy,BUSY week starts now. lol....Thankfully, I am feeling much better. Today, I have on one of the awesome holos from the Make Up Store. I have no idea why I'm just now wearing this, as I got it over the summer. We made a stop at the store in Denver, on our way to Steamboat Springs CO. so that I could get polish!

Greta is a silver holo. I can honestly say, that it is the best holo I have ever far. ;-) Application was great, and I used two coats.

Thanks so much for looking, and have a great day! :-)


  1. It photographs great! Sometimes holos do not look too nice in pictures but this one looks great!

  2. Wow!! You can never go wrong with a holo, and this one is great! And I agree, these are awesome holo pics!

  3. I am glad that you are feeling better!! :D

  4. greta is gorgeous, i need to find a makeup store.

  5. That is absolutely stunning, drool-worthy, and gorgeous!! <3

  6. Frankenstyna....Thank you! I know what you mean, I wasn't sure how it would turn out in pics. but luckily I got a few good ones. ;-)

    Angie...Thank you so much! I've never had a holo quite this good before. ;-)

    Ashesela...Thank you so much! :-)

    ♥beauxs mom said...Thanks! I think there are only like two of them??? I got lucky that we just happened to be going past one. ;-)

    duhnay23....Thank you! :-)

    Lauren...Thank you so much! :-)