Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nabi Jumbo Purple Glitter over Finger Paints Black Expressionsim.

Well. Here I am yet AGAIN, apologizing for being MIA. I am sorry, and I really appreciate you all sticking with me. I fully expected to log on and see that I'd lost followers. Not only did I not lost any, but I gained a couple. So thank you to all who have stayed, and welcome to the new comers. :-) I really appreciate ALL of you. :-)

I didn't expect this week to be so busy. It all started on Fri. evening when I got a call from my mom, telling me that President Obama was going to be in my hometown, speaking at the high school I graduated from. I seriously thought she was joking. I'm from a very small town in Kansas, called Osawatomie. There are around 4,500 people who live there. I have no idea why Obama chose us, but he did. I had to go. This was a HUGE deal for my little town. There were only 400 tickets to give away. So, on Sun. morning, my husband and I drove down and stood in line for tickets. We got in line at 6am and stood there until noon. It was absolutely freezing cold. It was well worth it though, because we got our tickets! Obama spoke on Tues. and it was really amazing to be a part of it. My dad, who has been a history teacher at the high school for almost 50 years got to sit right down in front. Pretty cool! The entire thing still feels so surreal. You would not believe the amount of cops,swat team,secret service,bomb dogs etc...that were all around the town. Anyway, that's where I've been the past few days. Something I will never forget. :-)

Okay...on to the nail news. ;-) My nails are slowly getting longer after my nail catastrophe, and I think I finally found my perfect black creme. It's Finger Paints Black Expressionsim. It's what I've been looking for, forever! It's not runny,not too thick,doesn't chip and it's a ONE coater. It's smooth, and applies like a dream. I applied Nabi Purple Jumbo glitter over it. Purple Jumbo Glitter is pretty amazing! It's made of small and med. orange glitter,large orange hex glitter,large orange square glitter,and round purple glitter. I am loving it over black! I also tested over purple and it looked great too.

Close Up..

Close up of the bottle.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day! :-)


  1. Omg, Nabi Purple Jumbo Glitter is BEAUTIFUL! I've never seen quite a polish like this one! The effect is breathtaking. I've never hear of that brand before though. I hope I can find it here in Canada... :/

  2. That's such a happy polish! Wow!

  3. Wow that is so gorgeous! Where did you buy yours?

  4. What an amazing polish! Absolutly great!
    I love it! ♥

  5. Whoa. whoa whoa. That Nabi polish. Where did you get it? You have to share with us, it's amazing!

  6. HOLY SHIZ DOOD! This mani is awesome. It sparkly and awesome! And getting to see Obama speak at your old high school would be pretty awesome, too.

  7. So I just bought this on ebay after seeing your swatches. And you are so lucky to have seen Obama speak! I don't think I could have waiting 6 hours in the cold for tickets though!

  8. SO pretty! I saw this polish on no more rack recently and am really regretting passing it up now!

  9. please tell us where you can buy nabi. i got a feeling you got them off ebay though. no one in my city sells this :(

  10. Jennifer...Thank you so much! I was surprised by how awesome it was! I wasn't sure what it would end up looking like once on, but it's now one of my favs. :-) I have actually never seen Nabi in a store myself. I only have three bottles and all have been bought online.

    Ashesela...Thank you! :-)

    Deborah...Thanks! I loved it too! I actually wore it for four days....that's kind of a record for me. LOL!

    The! :-)

    Liz...Thank you! I bought mine from a nomorerack daily deal.

    Sara...Thanks! :-)

    Sirena Sparklestar...You do, you do!!! ;-) It's def. a unique polish.! Thank you so much! I got mine from a nomorerack daily deal, but can find it on ebay, and online stores. :-)

    Megan...Thanks! :-) Yeah, it was super awesome to Obama speak at my hs. I even saw myself on 60 min. this past Sun! ;-)

    Stella...Yay!! You'll have to let me know how you like it! It was really cool to see Obama speak. It was hard to stand out in the cold though! It was worth it. :-)

    Amber...Thanks! That's where I got mine. ;-)

    Sanna...Thanks so much! :-)

    thedogismine...I didn't get mine on ebay, though you can find it there. I got mine from nomorerack. They have daily deals and this was one of them. They pop up every once in awhile. I also found it on the following site (they for sure have Purple Jumbo's the 13th polish down. ;-) I'm actually thinking of placing an order with them for some more Nabi polishes too. Good luck! I hope you get it! :-)