Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!! My top 20 of 2011

Happy New Year! I know I'm a day late showing my top 20 of 2011 but thought I'd go ahead and post them. Since this will be a long pic. post, I'll just let the pics. do the talking. ;-)

Not all of these were released in 2011, but they are my fav. 20 of the year. They are in no particular order.

1. Nabi-Purple Jumbo Glitter

2. Essie-Cocktail Bling

3. Make Up Store-Greta

4. China Glaze-Glittering Garland

5. Fing'rs Blue jelly with glitter (no name)

6. Lynnderella-Change

7. NYX-Gilded Glitter

8. Orly-Androgynie

9. Color Club-Abracadabra

10. OPI-Excuse Moi!

11. Kleancolor-Metallic Orange

12. Lynnderella-Connect the Dots

13. Wet 'n Wild-Correction Tape

14. Essie-Bonded

15. Revlon-Starry Pink

16. Hare-Pegasus

17. Hare-Bisbee

18. Orly-Sweet Peacock

19. Lynnderella-Shape Shifter

20. China Glaze-Ring in the Red

Whew! That was a lot of pics. to post! Did you do a top 20 this year? If so, do we have any of the same favs?


  1. Wow, can I have your polish collection? :D Just kidding! Great picks, these are awesome! :D I have to say that Androgynie is one of my favorite polishes. It is so pretty!

  2. Fantastic polishes!

    Happy New Year! :D

  3. There are so many great polishes there - some of which I've never seen! I think I *need* Connect the Dots. Yep. I do.

  4. Ashesela...Ha, ha! I do have TONS of polish that I will be selling here on my blog. As soon as I'm finished going through them. I've only gotten through my pinks and reds so far. Thanks so much, and I LOVE the Orly too! ;-)

    Biba....Happy New Year to you too! Thanks! :-)

    glittery nails....Thank you so much! :-)

    Megan....Thanks! Connect the Dots is awesome, and I'd do need it!!! :-)

    Peace,Love and Polish....Thank you so much! :-)

  5. I own and really love a lot of the colors on your list, including Glittering Garland, Excuse Moi, Sweet Peacock and Starry Pink. Great list, I like the variety of brands you included!