Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BB Couture Love Bug for Pink Wednesday!

On Wednesday's we wear pink, started last week, but I had already done my purple mani for that day. Pink Wed. is based off of the movie Mean Girls, but in a good, fun way. Some nail bloggers got together, and decided to make Wed. the day to wear pink polish if you love pink,the movie Mean Girls or both. Well I happen to love both, so I had to join in! For more info. on Pink Wednesday here is a link to On Wednesday's We Wear Pink! Check it out, and join in if you'd like to. :-)

For my first Pink Wed. I choose a fav. of mine. BB Couture Love Bug. Love Bug is a med. pink jelly with lots of gold micro. glitter. I love,love,love this polish! Then again, I absolutely love BB Couture glitters. They are some of the best. I used three coats of Love Bug, and application was fine.

Close Up's.

Don't forget to wear your pink next week, girls! ;-)

So, are you going to do Pink Wed? Do you like the movie Mean Girls? Tomorrow, I will have the last of my purple manis. to show you.

Thanks for looking, and have a great night! :-)


  1. Very cute! I love BB Couture glitters, too.

  2. I desire BBs. I have one and am expecting 2 more via a blog sale. I think I need them all!

    It's so pretty on you!

  3. I really need to get my hands on some bbs.

  4. I LOVE this. It's one I don't have and I just think they do such a great job with glitters.

  5. Love this shade on you. I have to get my bottle out to wear. It's a beautiful pink. I have loads of BB Couture. They have just the best glitters, shimmers and greens!

  6. Zara...Thanks!! Aren't they the best? :-)

    jaybird...Thanks! Ha, Ha! Me too! Which two are you getting?

    peripatetic33...Thank you! :-)

    Dani...You really do! lol! You won't regret it! ;-)

    Maeve...Thank you! :-) They do, do a wonderful job with glitters.

    Lucy...Thank you! :-) I think they make the best glitters too. LOVE them! Do you have any of the new collection? I'm thinking of getting some this week, since they are having a sale.