Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lippmann Glitter in The Air!

Good morning! How has your week been? Mine has been okay, but I am SO ready for a vacation! lol! We have had the oddest weather this winter. For example last week, it was freezing,snowing and icing. In the same week, that cleared up, and it was 50. Then we had thunderstorms. Now this week it's been as high as 70 but we are supposed to get snow again. Ugh.

Today I have Lippmann Glitter in The Air to show you. I absolutely LOVE this polish. I've wanted it since I saw the first bottle pics. months ago. So when it came out, I ordered it right away. It reminds me of cotton candy. :-) In the bottle, Glitter in The Air looks like it has a light blue base. Once on the nail though, it's more of a milky color. It has hex size pink and baby blue glitter, with small size silver glitter through out. Since it's pretty sheer, I layered it over Hard Candy Sky. It was kind of a pain to get the glitter out, but so worth it. Normally I would have gotten annoyed with a polish like this, but this one is just too great to not love it...flaws and all. ;-)

I used three coats of GitA over two coats of Hard Candy Sky.

You should click on this second pic. it's my fav. and it really shows a true pic. of what GitA looks like outside in the light. ;-)

Do you have Glitter in The Air? If not do you want it? What do you think of it? You can find Glitter in The Air at Nordstroms and at Polishes retail for $18

Thanks for looking, and I hope you all have a great day! :-)


  1. I´ve seen this on blogs a few times now, but this is the first time I can say: WOW! It really is pretty, I think layering it makes it perfect, but it is a lot of coats, including base and top it´s 7 coats, that´s too much for me. But it is a beauty

  2. wow he is SO cool!!! An realy nice collor. Never seen this polish but i like it!!

  3. i'm so down with this color! you picked a great base for it :)

  4. I really, really want this too! It looks wonderful layered.

  5. im in LOVE with this color!! i NEED it!! thanks for posting, or i would have never known sucha cute color existed lol <3

  6. I think that is really nice!
    I would like to have it!!!!

  7. Perfect job layering! This looks fantastic... I agree with Miranda, this is the first time I really cared for a swatch of GitA.

  8. Perfect and gorgeous! I wonder if there is a way to dupe it!

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  10. Miranda....Aw, thank you so much! :-) Ya know, the layering really wasn't all that bad. I thought it might be, but it was fine, since GitA is pretty thin.

    Kris....Thank you! :-)

    kelliegonzo....Thank you! Isn't it such a great color?! Do you plan on getting it?

    Freshie...Thank you! :-) Are you going to get it?

    Prettyfulz....Thank you, and your very welcome! ;-) It's new so that might be why you hadn't seen it yet.

    Miss Starshiny....Thanks! :-)

    Jennifer Leigh....Aw, thank you so much! That is so sweet of you guys to say. :-) I really appreciate it.

    Kat...Thanks! I would think you could dupe it, as long as you can find the hex colors.

  11. YES i do plan on getting it, when is i don't know though haha. will def. want to try it with sky though!!

  12. I'm not sure if it's in the stores yet or not. I couldn't wait! lol...I had to order it! :-) It really does go well with Sky. ;-)

  13. ooo i cant wait to get my hands on this beuty if i can! i love the way youve layered it, and you photograph your nails really well :) love from a new blogger/follower! x