Monday, March 21, 2011

Amour Rain Glitter

Happy Mon. morning everyone! Ha,Ha! ;-) Don't we all just love Mondays? Over the weekend, I wore Amour Rain Glitter. I recently picked this beauty up in a Trans Design order. It's a great polish for only $1.99!

Rain Glitter is a multi colored glitter. However, it is different than other glitters like it. The glitter is shaped differently. It almost looks like very tiny bar glitter to me. It's like sprinkles on the top of a donut! ;-)

The application is absolutely wonderful. This is a ONE coat glitter! Yes, really. :-) I'm telling you, this is a great polish for the price. :-)

To really see how great this polish is, you should click on the pics. :-)

Close up's...This first one, is where it really looks like tiny bar glitter.

As always, thanks for looking! I hope you have a great day! :-)


  1. Tiny bar glitter? Awesomesauce!~

  2. it's gorgeous!!!!!

  3. Next time I place an order from Trans Design I will order this one. It's gorgeous. I love glitters.

  4. what a fun glitter! and only $2 on transdesign! thats awesome :)

  5. jaybird...Yes! :-) It looks like it to me! :-) By the way, did you get my message?

    Miss Starshiny...Thank you! :-)

    Lucy...Thanks! You should def. get it. It great in all aspects, and cheap too!

  6. I have had this polish for about a year and have never worn it. I need to change that after seeing your great photos!

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