Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Mardi Gras Mani. Kleancolor glitter and a Tronica Swatch

Happy Fat Tuesday! Do you celebrate Mardi Gras? I don't really, but any holiday is a good reason to do a themed mani. right? I think so. :-)

I think I found the perfect polish for a MG mani. It's Kleancolor's My Valentine. Funny, name for this certain polish, as it really does look like it was made to e be a Mardi Gras polish. Def. not Valentine colors.

I used one of the new Tronica polishes from China Glaze, as my base for the Kleancolor polish. I tried to use My Valentine on it's own, and it was one hot mess! The Troncia color I used is Virtual Violet. VV is a grape purple holo. It's a great color. I'm def. going to have to wear it again soon on it's own. I used two coats of Virtual Violet, but could have easily gotten away with one coat. Application was wonderful. I topped it off with two coats of the Kleancolor My Valentine. My Valentine has small purple glitter and green,gold and silver hex glitter in a clear base.

First up pics. of the finished product.

Close up's

China Glaze Virtual Violet on it's own.

And just because, here's one pic. of Kleancolor My Valentine on it's own.

See what I mean? On it's own....hot mess, but with another color it's great!

Thanks for looking! I hope you all have a great day! :-)


  1. ooh very pretty, very mardi gras!

  2. That's so pretty!! I love glitters...

  3. That is perfect for Mardi Gras! Where can you find that brand? (the glitter)

  4. Great combo! Virtual Violet is a great base :)

  5. I simply LOVE this combo! Now that's a Mardi Gras celebration right there on your nails. :)

  6. Just a perfect manicure for Mardi Gras! Love that polish. Virtual Violet is a fantastic purple holo. I've got to have the whole collection. I don't celebrate Mardi Gras either. Rather I have Fat Tuesday. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and time to start Lent.

  7. The mardi gras manicure is awesome! Very colourful :D

  8. kelliegonzo...Thank you! :-)

    Jane....Thanks! Me too! :-)

    Kat...Thanks! I got it from the Kleancolor website. http://www.kleancolor.com/nails/nails_polish.html They have lots of great glitters. Some of them are pretty unique.

    Jette Fromm....Thanks! :-) I figured everyone would think I was crazy for using VV as a base (since it's holo)but I really like it.

    Miss Starshiny...Thank you! :-)

    Kimberly...Thanks! :-)

    Maeve...Thank you! :-)

    Lucy....Thanks! I LOVE Virtual Violet. I will def. have to wear it again on it's own. I have most of the collection, and will probably get the rest soon. :-)

    Spaceinvaders...Thank you! :-)

  9. That really IS a party going on with your nails :)