Friday, March 25, 2011

My Rock Chalk Mani!! ;-) OPI Dating a Royal and Wet 'n Wild Prancer

Yay for Friday!! :-) Do you get into March madness? I do, and my college is playing tonight in the Sweet Sixteen. Kansas Jayhawks! :-) I'm nervous! LOL! I really,really want them to make it to the Final Four! I took a day off from my purple manis. and did today's using KU's school colors. I used OPI Dating a Royal with Wet 'n Wild Prancer over top.

Dating a Royal is a true royal blue creme. It was a PAIN to work with. It was very runny. I had to do a lot of clean up, but I think I got it on pretty well, considering how messy it was. I don't know if I got a bad bottle or what. Anyway, I used two coats with two coats of Prancer on top. Prancer was part of Wet 'n Wilds holiday collection. It's a red hex glitter. It's also one of my favs. I think I have about ten bottles of the stuff! ;-)

First up pics. of the final outcome.

Dating a Royal on it's own.

Are you planning on watching the games? If so, who are you rooting for? GO JAYHAWKS!!! ;-)


  1. Ten bottles? You could have Lippmann RRS for that money. :)

    My alma mater (Michigan State) is out of the tourney, so I'm pouting and not paying attention anymore. Real grown up of me I know!

  2. I want to Date a Royal!!! xaxa

  3. Love this combo, good luck to your team!

  4. Karen...Yes, ten! LOL! I just kept picking it up when I saw it. After Christmas I found five of them for 70 cents each! I already have RRS too! What can I say, I LOVE red hex glitter! ;-)

    Ha, Ha....well, I'll be doing the same thing as you, if we lose.....which we will NOT!! ;-)

    Miss Starshiny....It's a great color, just a pain to work with.

    Freshie....Thank you!! :-)

  5. Whoa!!! What a combo!!

    I don't watch sports but I know my bro is watching it. :)

  6. Gina...Thank you!! :-)

    Kimberly...Thanks! :-) I do believe I know who your brother is rooting for, and I approve! ;-) We are doing awesome right now! (it's halftime)

  7. I don't follow sports much except for some baseball. Yankees and Phillies fan! Love Dating a Roayl. Love Prancer as a top coat. Cool!

  8. Lucy...Thanks! I love the Yankees too! :-)

  9. I love how the red glows in this mani - amazing!