Thursday, March 24, 2011

Icing Welcome to Miami mini collection, and NOTD Purple Passion

Good evening! I'm a little late in my posting today, but I wanted to post day two, of my seven days of wearing purple polish. :-) The color I have on today, Purple Passion is part of a new set from Icing. The set is called Welcome to Miami. It's a mini set that has five polishes. They were buy one get one half off, so I bought another new set with five glitter neons. I will post those for you to see soon.

First up I'll show you my mani. I used Purple Passion. It's a great little polish. I was surprised by how good it is. PP is a bright purple with silver shimmer. I really love all the polishes coming out that have this silver shimmer. It's my new fav. finish. If you've seen Essie's Mochachino, it's the same kind of shimmer. I used two coats of Purple Passion and application was great.

Close Up.

Here is a pic. of the Welcome to Miami set.

The bottles...L-R Pina Colada,Strawberry Daiquiri,Green Mint Mojito,Peach Sangria and Purple Passion.

I will have swatches of the rest of the collection up for you soon. :-) Thanks for looking, and have a great night! I'm off to bed!


  1. I want all these colours!!!!!

  2. They are really pretty....I do think this purple is my fav. though. It's the only one that has the silver shimmer. :-)

  3. That is really pretty. I don't own any of this brand. My favorite is gold shimmer polishes. The silver looks pretty also.

  4. Thanks, Lucy! I like gold shimmer too. :-)