Sunday, October 31, 2010

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Kitties and Halloween mani.

Happy Halloween everyone! :-) Had too much candy yet?! I can't stay out of it! lol....We usually have about 200 plus kids come by, so we have LOTS of candy! It is cold here. Cold and windy, and I'm sooo tired for some reason. I do love Halloween though. Do you have any big plans for tonight?

Here is my Halloween mani. It's nothing too special or complicted, but I like it.:-)
I used the black and orange pumpkin polishes,Sally Hansen Jack O-Lantern, (the orange glitter)and the black Nicole glitter. I bought the Halloween sticker by Kiss this year, and used a pumpkin sticker. I used a bat on my right hand.

My two cats wanted to say Happy Halloween too! ;-)

Here's what my babies really look! I

This is Morris

And Friscoe

What did you do for your Halloween mani? Whatever you are doing to night, I hope you have a fun, and safe time!


  1. Both your nails and your cats are adorable! :)

  2. Wow, your cats are so adorable! <3

  3. I was thinking the exact same thing as Biba. =) They're gorgeous!

  4. Aw,thank you both so much! They are my babies! :-)

  5. Love the spooky cat picture. Your so lucky having all those kids come by. We used to get loads of kids but not for the past two years. This year maybe 10 kids and that was it. I so enjoy all the little ones in their costumes. Makes me so sad that they don't come around like they used to. Love your nails. I had on China Glaze glitter top coat of orange and silver. I already had a manicure from last week of orange nails. Also LA Splash in something Lava. Darn I forgot the name.

  6. Thanks, Lucy! :-) I thought it made a good Halloween pic. That's too bad you don't get very many kids. Do you know why? We did have around 200 again this year. It was cold here, so I thought we wouldn't get as many, but they were out. I love to see them in their cute costumes too. :-) I think I know the CG polish you are talking about. Was it from last year? I love that polish, and I missed out on it! It's super hard to find now. I think it pops up on ebay every once in awhile, but for crazy high prices. Your lucky to have it! :-)