Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One more BCA Glass Fleck....China Glaze Endurance

I FINALLY got my hands on this beauty! I was waiting for Sally's or Ulta to get them in, but for some reason, they never did. I decided to order it on TD, and they were sold out! I ended up finding it on Victoria Nail Designs. I'm so glad I did! I'm in love with this polish. Then again, I don't think I've ever not loved a glass fleck polish. :-)

I used three coats. Would have been fine with two, but I'm kinda picky. ;-) Application was great. The color is a dark pink, almost fuschia, but not quite. The glass fleck looks almost like a frosted glass fleck.....frosted in a good way, not the bad kind of frost. LOL!

Now to the pics. :-)

Do you have any of the polishes from the CG Breast Cancer Awareness set? If so, did you have trouble finding them in person too? I'm curious if it's just in my area, or everywhere.


  1. Love it!!!

    I've been keeping my eyes open for them at Sally and Ulta, too, but I've had zero luck as well. It seems really weird that they wouldn't have this specific BCA collection. My Sally stores have had the big multiple disease awareness displays, but they're all current colors. :/ Boring.

    I'm glad that you were able to get your hands on this one, though! It's really gorgeous1

  2. This is gorgeous! I haven't seen these anywhere yet, either. :(

  3. This is my favorite of this year's China Glaze BCA nail polishes.It's so pretty!

  4. Erin....Thanks! :-) Yeah, I think it's odd too. The Sally's and the Ulta here have all of the other BCA collections except the CG. Odd. I hope you do find it!

    Zara...Thanks! I hope you find it soon. You can always order it like I finally did. :-)

    Starlight....I think it's mine too! Thanks!