Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Stop the Bullying Spirit Day Mani...LA Colors Amethyst

I did my nails in purple today, for the Stop the Bullying Campiagn. I feel very strongly about this in general so I had to support the day today. Here's what I wrote on my FB status (this pretty much sums up how I feel)

Bullying is such a huge problem, not only in our schools, but in society in general. Gay, straight, black, white, nerd, jock, brain, etc...We are all people just trying to get by in this world and there is no room for intoleranc...e. NOW is the time to come together and put a stop to this nonsense!

Now on to my mani. I have on LA Colors Amethyst. I was in Big Lots the other night, looking for some cheap polish to franken with. This LA Colors caught my eye. It's a purple base with purple,blue and pink shimmer/glitter. I used two coats, and application was really good for only $1 :-)

I hope you are all having a good week....halfway to the weekend! ;-)


  1. Love the color, and love the post. I just painted my nails last night, so I wasn't about to change it, so I wore a purple shirt today for the cause.

  2. Very pretty shade. This is a very important thing to discuss. I can never understand why people bully others.

  3. I agree, so very much. I absolutely hate any kind of unrighteousness in this world. I' glad you did this manicure, I hope the word goes around.
    And God bless those who took their lives because of homophobic abuse.

  4. Thanks everyone! :-) I too, don't understand why people bully. Everyone is important no matter how different they might be from someone else. After all aren't we all different in our own special ways? ;-)

  5. Very pretty! Thank you for standing up against bullying.