Wednesday, October 6, 2010

China Glaze BCA Encouragement....Another glass fleck!

I have another BCA polish for you today. This time it's from China Glaze. It's called Encouragement. It's a very light pink, almost white color. What makes it stand out though, is the glass flecks it has. The base color reminds me very much of OPI's Bubble Bath. The difference is, BB doesn't have the glass flecks. I'm not normally a fan of these kind of light pinks, but I really like this one. Again, it's the glass flecks that did it for me. Application was quite good for it being such a light color. I did three pretty thick coats though.

These pics. really don't show how pretty this polish is, but you'll get the point. ;-)

I have the other two from this collection, and will be swatching them this week. :-)


  1. Oh great! Another glass-fleck polish to add to my lemmings!

  2. Ha, Ha! I'm soooo sorry about that! ;-) It is quite pretty though.

  3. Very pretty! I do love glass-flecked polishes.

  4. Glass-flecked are the best! I can't seem to find these in my area. Maybe I missed them? :( I'm still looking!

  5. Zara...Thank you! I love them too....they are one of my fav. kind of polish. :-)

    Erin....I agree! :-) I doubt you missed them. I can't find them anywhere here. I ended up ordering mine from Transdesign. I've checked two Sally's and the Ulta here, and for some reason they haven't gotten them in yet. I hope you find them. :-)