Monday, October 18, 2010

Zoya Valerie

Good morning! Today I have one of the polishes from Zoya's new Fire and Ice collection. Valerie is an absolute beautiful polish, but I had a crazy hard time getting good pics. I took over a hundred, and they were either all blurry or had too much shine. UGH! I tried to pick the best ones, but they still aren't great. Hopefully you can kinda see how awesome this polish is. Valerie is a very deep purple with lots of reddish gold glitter. Application was pretty good. A little thick, but not terrible. I used two coats. I did have a top coat on, but because of the flash in the pics. I decided to put another coat of Valerie on without a top coat. Still got the annoying flash. are the pics. I'm sorry they aren't better. It seriously made me grumpy. LOL! What can I say, it's Monday.

To see this color better, I'd suggest you click the pics. to make them bigger. ;-)


  1. This looks gorgeous! I think your third picture is very good.

  2. This is beautiful! That is so funny that Zara said that 'cause I was totally thinking the same thing!

  3. Thanks guys! :-) Aggie...that is funny that you both thought the same thing! :-) I'm glad that you were able to pick one that even looked good. That was better than I could do! LOL!!