Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SH Complete Salon Manicure-Downtown Rubies...Red Glitter Bomb!

This is another collection that I've been looking for, for what seems like forever! I finally found them yesterday, at Kmart. I bought six of them, and today I have on Downtown Rubies. It's a clear base with red glitter. Even though it is a clear base, it builds up nicely to being opaque. I used four coats to achieve this, but it really was no biggie, as each coat dried super fast. Since I love red, and I love glitter, I love this polish! :-) I can't seem to ever pass up a red glitter. I have a crazy amount of red glitter polish! I'll have to swatch them all one day. :-)

Do you have any of these? What do you think about them? I will have the other five swatched and up soon. :-) I hope you are all having a great day! :-)


  1. I adore glitter and the red is fantastic! I did buy the latest collection. I'll be glad to see them all swatched since I haven't worn them all.

  2. I LOVE this collection! They have them at my neighborhood CVS and at Wal-Mart, so sorry it took you so long to find them!
    The one color I happen to own, however, is not my fave. Haha. I bought Black Platinum, and even though I realized it wasn't very opaque when I bought it, I thought it wouldn't bug me. does. Haha! But when I actually take the time to apply the 4+ coats it needs, it lasts for FOREVER which is awesome! I got 1 week of wear and it still looked good as new! Then I grew restless of my nails being the same color for so long and had to change it.
    Anyway. This is an amazing line! I recommend it to all of my friends who hate painting their nails because their polish always chips.

    And I love your blog!! Thanks for the tip about Confetti and 10 polishes, I went and grabbed a whole bunch last week before my CVS ran out.

  3. I do not own a single red glitter...what is wrong with me?! Hopefully, this will become my first. :)

  4. Twister....It us super glittery! :-)

    Lucy...I adore glitter too! I seem to always grab the glitters first. :-) I will be swatching them over the next week or so. Did you buy the whole collection?

    Rachel...Thank you so much for your nice compliments. :-) I really appreciate it! I'm glad you were able to grab some of the Confetti and 10 polishes. Which colors did you get?

    Zara....No red glitter!??! You must go out and get some right now! LOL! Seriously, this would be a great first red glitter. ;-)