Friday, June 3, 2011

Sneeze Breeze by The Hungry Asian

Happy Friday!! :-) I have a great polish to show you today. It's a franken made by The Hungry Asian. She's made quite a few great polishes to sell. You can find her store at and her blog here:

Sneeze Breeze is really unique polish. It's a mixture of turquoise and black glitter. Love,love,LOVE this polish!! ;-) I used two coats of Sneeze Breeze over two coats of China Glaze Blue Sparrow. SB is probably best used as a top coat. Application was great. :-)

Click on the pics. to see better detail.

Here's a pic. of China Glaze Blue Sparrow on it's own.

What do you think of Sneeze Breeze? Do you like the name? ;-) I think it's cute. I hope you have a great Friday! :-)


  1. AGGHHH i can't wait to do this mani! i've been so busy the last few days i haven't done it yet! EYES popping out with gorgeousness that is this polish! isn't kae a polish-glitter genius?!

  2. Whoa! This looks amazing. Almost like a nail foil. Beautiful!

  3. That's hilarious, I *just* took photos of my Blue Sparrow/Sneeze Breeze mani! Looks great!

  4. Blue Sparrow is one of my favorite blues. Kae makes some wonderful frankens. This is gorgeous.

  5. That is such a lovely color!

  6. kelliegonzo....Ha,Ha! Thanks! YES! She's awesome!! This has def. gone into my top favs. I LOVE it! :-) Can't wait to see your pics too! :-)

    nihrida...Hey girly! How on earth have you been!? Thank you so much! :-)

    Jennifer Leigh...Thank you! :-)

    Amber....Too funny! :-) Thank you! Don't you just love this polish?!

    makeupgirl21....Thanks! I def. agree with you. I LOVE her frankens. Love Blue Sparrow as well. :-)

    Zara...Thank you! :-) How have you been?

  7. I LOVE this. I may have to see if I can still get it/make it soon! I never would have though!

  8. crazyjkix....Thanks! I think you can still get it from time to time. Just check her blog. ;-) She usually has more up every few weeks.