Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Essie Super Bossa Nova for Pink Wed.

Good morning! Today, I have another pink polish to show you for pink Wed. This week seems to be flying by to me. Can't believe it's already Wed! I have on Essie Super Bossa Nova today. It's from the spring 2011 collection. It's a fuchsia base with purple and light pink shimmer. Application was great. I used two coats, but could have gotten away with just one.

Thanks for looking, and have a wonderful day! :-)


  1. If this didn't look so much like Essie's Jamaica me Crazy, I would probably buy it! It's super pretty!

  2. Gorgeous! I think I need to get it!

  3. Love this shade of pink. Would look nice with a tan. I don't have one but I'm thinking of the days when I did have one.

  4. AngieBee...Thanks! I agree, it really does look a lot like Jamaica me Crazy. I don't have that one, but if I did, I'd pass on this one too.

    Lacquered Lover....Thanks! :-)

    makeupgirl21....Thank you! :-) It would look nice with a tan. I don't have one either! LOL!

  5. Wow!!! great!

    love you blog, I'm following you!