Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nicole by OPI Canada Exclusive Canadian Star & my haul from Canada.

Hey guys! How has your weekend been? Good, I hope. :-) Hubby and I were going to go to Fork and Screen for brunch to seen Hangover 2 but decided not to go, as it was supposed to storm pretty bad. Our dogs get absolutely terrified when it storms, and we don't like to leave them alone. Of course, we got up and it wasn't storming. Go figure! So, I'm sitting inside, getting ready to do my mani. when hubby comes in from the garage, and asks me to come out there. I go see what he wants, and he's decided to go through boxes from when we moved in. Most of them are mine. LOL! Anyway, I start helping him, and find there are all kinds of bugs everywhere. UGH!!!!!! And it is really hot and humid here. Good times. Anyway, got through quite a few boxes and it starts to rain. I run in, to take the dogs out before it really pours. By the time I got them on their leashes one dog has peed on the hardwood,one of my cats has had a hairball, and I've broken a nail. What a morning! At least the nail I broke was not on my swatching hand. ;-)

Okay, enough on all that. Now onto the good stuff. Today I have on another one of the Nicole by OPI exclusives, that's only available in Canada. It's called Canadian Star, and well, it is the star of the collection. Ha, Ha! How cheesy of me! Seriously though it's a gorgeous color. It's a violet base with purple,blue and pink flashes to it. The formula is pretty sheer, so I used two coats over a coat of black. Application was great, but it would most def. take four or five coats to be opaque on it's own.

I took lots of pics. Click on them for a much better look. ;-)

Close Up.

Remember how I said my husband was in Canada for a week, and brought polish home for me? Here are a couple of pics. of what he brought me.....he also brought all the chocolate and the cute little beaver. :-)


Close up of polishes.

Thanks for looking, and I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! :-)


  1. Nice haul! And Canadian Star looks like an awesome duo-chrome :)

  2. Biba...Thank you! :-) It def. is a great duo-chrome. :-)

    PolishGalore....Thank you! :-)

  3. Love that polish. The Gosh all look awesome. Heck, they all look awesome! Sorry you had a messy morning!

  4. oh man, i need to get this polish! its gorgeous.

    i live in canada and I have never seen a beaver....but from what I have heard they are mean.

  5. Yummy chocolates and gorgeous polishes. You have a good husband. Nice polish taste.

  6. jaybird...Thanks! I love them all. :-)

    shortwidenails....Thanks! Aw, really? Beavers are mean? They are so cute thought! :-)

    Lacquered Lover....Thank you! :-)

    Pretty..Thanks! :-)

    makeupgirl21....Thanks! Yes, I think he's pretty awesome myself. ;-) He does know what I like.