Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Birthday Mani!

Hey guys! :-) How are you today? I'm having an absolutely wonderful birthday! :-) I got lots of great polishes to show you soon. Today, I want to show you my birthday nails. This is going to be short, as I need to get ready for my b-day dinner with my family. That, and my computer is being REALLY slow today for some reason. Anyway, I have lots of pics. for you. ;-) (imagine that!)

I used Essie Flirty Fuchsia as my base. FF is a great neon is not fuchsia. lol! It applied well, and I used two coats. I then added one coat of Kleancolor Chunky Holo Candy. It's in a pinkish/clear base with orange and pink glitter. I then added one coat of Lippmann Happy Birthday. I love this polish! I will never get tired of it. It's kinda funny though.....I didn't realize that it had square glitter in it. It has different colored hex glitter,small round multi colored gliter, and multi colored square glitter. Finally I added different birthday nail stickers. I'm loving this mani. It's bright,sparkly and fun. :-)

First, up is the final usual, click the pics. to get a much better view. ;-)

With just Happy Birthday...

Close Up

With just Kleancolor Chunky Holo Pink

Essie Flirty Fuchsia

Which version do you like best? Thanks for looking, and have a great evening! :-)


  1. Very pretty makes me think of a birthday cake! Hpbday and hope u have an awesome time with your family!!

  2. Happy birthday! This is the perfect bday mannie!

  3. I like the DL Happy B'day alone over a cream polish. This essie gives my main fav shade of polish (fuchsia)a bad name. Fuchsia gets a lot of mess up in naming - sort of like calling things turquoise does - it's green - no it's blue - no it's teal! You are so right - this essie is a neon pink. Hope you have a great b'day!

  4. Great manicure for your birthday! I hope you continue to have a wonderful day!

  5. i love your mani! it's the cutest thing ever. happy birthday girlie!

  6. Happy Birthday! Lovin all your mani' jealous you have KC chunky holos and the birthday decals are just so darn cute!

  7. Happy Birthday! What a fun manicure :)

  8. Jossie....Thank you so much! We had a great time! :-)

    feedkmayeorchids....Thank you! :-)

    beachgal....Thank you, and I SOOO agree with you! I have no idea why this one was called fuchsia, as it is clearly not!

    StardustStephanie....Thank you so much Stephanie! :-)

    Pretty.....Thank you!! :-)

    mrsrexy....Thank you!!! :-)I ordered the KC from their website.

    Biba...Thank you!! :-)

  9. Happy Birthday sweetie! Hope you have a fantastic day. Love those birthday nails. I love Happy Birthday polish. Looks amazing. Your nails look like a fantastic birthday cake.

  10. SO pretty, it all comes together nicely. Have an awesome Birthday, us June babies rock!

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  12. Nailderella....Thanks! :-)

    Lucy....Thank you so much! I had a great day! :-)

    Freshie...Thank you! June b-days do rock! ;-) Happy late b-day to you too! :-)

  13. Oje Delisi...Thank you so much! :-)