Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lise Watier Fun in the Sun and Lori Anne Silver Glitter.

I have on another polish from Canada today. It's a brand I had never heard of. I'm not sure if it's a Canada brand only or not. I think it might be. I also think they only release around five or so new colors a year. I might not be right on the number, but from what I've read, it's very few. They are great colors though. My husband brought three home for me. The first one I wore is called Fun in the Sun. It's a great summer color. A bright jelly red. It's almost a neon color, but not quite. I only had to use two coats for it to be opaque, which is unusual for a jelly. Application was pretty good. A bit runny, but nothing too bad.

I decided to top it off with Lori Anne Silver Glitter. I LOVE this glitter. It's more of silver chips to me, than the normal round glitter. I know there are tons of silver glitters out there, but this one is pretty unique to me.

First up, here are pics. of both together.

Click to see the glitter MUCH better. ;-)

Fun in the Sun on it's own.

Close up pics. of the two together. You can see that the glitter is just a bit different than the normal silver glitter.

Have you ever heard of either of these brands?


  1. Interesting; I've heard of Lori Anne but can't recall ever seeing the other. I'll have to keep an eye out the next time I cross the border.

  2. It looks great! Seeing how I live in Canada, yeah, I've seen this brand before and bought a few of them over the years. They usually only release a few colours a season and are available at Shoppers Drug Mart in my area! Little on the pricy side but any I've bought have been great. I also like Lise Watier cosmetics..the eyeliner is fantastic!

  3. Just to add, I've never seen the brand Lori Ann in Canada; certainly not in my area or maybe not a store I go to, so not sure if you got it in may wish to clarify or KarenD may be looking for it all for naught! LOL!

  4. Love this red! That silver glitter is special. Like it very much. Pretty manicure.

  5. KarenD....The Lori Anne is one I got off of ebay awhile back. I wanted the Lori Anne Heavy Metal, and this came with it. I was surprised by it, as I thought it was going to just be another silver glitter. It's quite nice. :-) I too, had never heard of Lise Watier either.

    mrsrexy...Thanks! My husband got my three at Shoppers Drug Mart too. I am really liking the brand. I'll have to post them soon. I might have to try the makeup next time as well! Yes, the Lori Anne didn't come from Canada. I have no idea if you have it there or not. I've never even seen it here in person. I bought if off of ebay. It came in a group of four.

    makeupgirl21...Thank you! The glitter is def. nice. :-)

    Sanna...Thanks so much! :-)