Wednesday, February 2, 2011

LA Splash Ocean Sprinkles

How are you all doing today? I'm pretty much snowed in. We had 17 inches of snow yesterday! It's crazy outside right now, so I'm staying in where it's warm, and comfy. :-)

Today, I have on another one of the LA Splash colors I found the other day in my stash. This is another one I got back in the summer at Ulta, and had yet to wear for some reason. This one is called Ocean Sprinkles and is a pretty sky blue base with turquoise and gold glitter. I used four coats, but again, it dried really fast so it was no biggie.

I hope you are all safe and warm! :-)


  1. So gorgeous! I really need to update my wishlist and these LA Splash glitters!

  2. That is so pretty and appropriate for the icy weather!

  3. Polish&Konad...Thank you! :-)

    Dainty Darling Digits...Thanks! :-)

    April....Thanks! There are so many that I want!

    Miss Starshiny...Thank you! :-)

    tasha.....Thanks! It went great with the 17 inches of snow we had that day! lol

  4. Gorgeous!I'll have to check Cherry Culture. That's where I found the few that I have. That's major sparkle.