Tuesday, February 22, 2011

$OPI Traffic Stopper Copper and Essie Mochachino

Hey guys! Today I have on one of the new Essie polishes, Mochachino. It is supposed to be in Walmart,Walgrens and CVS. I went to so many of these stores trying to hunt it down, and could never find it. I found empty slots for it at one store only. I finally ended up ordering it online from WM. It's not my usual color, but I LOVE it. Mochachino is a creamy light brown base with heavy silver shimmer. Application was wonderful and I used two coats.

I have had this mani on for four days, which is really long for me. LOL! I'm really loving this color. Last night, I was in Sephora and I picked up the newest chunky glitter. This one is copper and it's called Traffic Stopper Copper. I have been wanting a copper glitter just like this. TSC is full of small copper glitter and copper hex glitter. I put it over Essie Mochachino.

First up here's a pic. of the two together.

Here is Essie Mochachino.

A couple more pics. of both together.

Close up's

Thanks for looking! :-)


  1. looks like tiny pennies on your fingers :) i just picked up this glitter too!

  2. In my area, I've seen Mochachino at Meijer stores.

    I really like that glitter; I don't have anything copper like that.

  3. Wow...I love the Essie color. Must look for it the next time I stop at Walgreens. I love that you can find Essie in more places now!

  4. The copper glitter is bold!!! I like this look. :)

  5. I prefer Mochachino without sparkle.

  6. Love the Essie polish. Different looking with the silver shimmer. That copper glitter is wicked cool!

  7. Danielle...This def. made me think of pennies too. :-)

    Karen D....Thanks! I didn't have anything like this glitter either. It's really pretty in person. I don't have a Meijer store near me. I SO wish I did though.

    Kat....Thanks! I love that you can find Essie much easier now as well. :-)

    Jennifer Leigh...Thank you! :-)

    Kimberly...It def. is! Thanks! :-)

    Miss Starshiny....Oh, I def. LOVE Mochachino on it's own too. It's moved into my top ten! :-)

    Lucy...Thanks! The silver shimmer is def. what makes this polish. :-)

    ART OF NAIL....Thank you! :-)

    Sanna....Thanks! :-)