Friday, February 25, 2011

China Glaze Hyper Haute

Happy Friday!!! I'm so glad it's the weekend! How about you? Although, we have snow....AGAIN! Ah, well. ;-)

My Sally's finally got Tronica in! I was so happy to get them! :-) I got seven of them, and the first one I have on is Hyper Haute. HH is a med. toned raspberry holographic. I know some are not loving these because they are not as holo as previous CG collections. I however, am loving them! I wasn't able to get many of the past holo's so these are great to me. :-)

Application on Hyper Haute was amazing. So smooth. I used two coats, but could have easily gotten away with only one.

Are you excited about the Tronica collection? Which ones do you want to get?


  1. What a lovely color! I don't have any of them, I do have a bunch of OMG's but I'd want this one anyways :)

  2. Shiny! Thank you! :-) They are just starting to show up at Sally's so keep your eyes out for them. ;-)

  3. These haven't shown up at my Sally yet. I'm still undecided on these; I'm one of the ones who was hoping these would be more linear holos like OMG, so I'm still pouting a bit about that. Probably once I see the bottles, though, I'll be all grabby hands on the display. :)

  4. I didn't even know these were out. That is gorgeous! I'm going to order them all.

  5. KarenD....It would be nice if they were more linear, I will agree. I'm loving them anyway though. lol...yes, wait until you see them in person. They are hard to pass up. ;-)

    Lucy....They JUST came out. Thank you! :-)