Thursday, February 3, 2011

OPI Texas Collection-Houston We Have A Purple

Well, I had thought the OPI Texas collection was going to be one I could pass on, and that doesn't happen often! LOL! However, I was wrong. Once I found out there were jellies, I had to try them. I bought two of the six jellies at Ulta last night, and I will def. be getting the other four. Today, I have on Houston we have A Purple. It is seriously the best jelly polish I have ever used, and I'm a big fan of jellies. This one was opaque in only TWO coats. That's a record when it comes to jellies. Usually I have to use four or five! This is amazing polish!

Houston We Have A Purple is a pink/violet purple. It looks like I've dipped my nails in raspberry juice! ;-)

What do you think of the OPI Texas collection? Do you plan on getting any of them?


  1. When I was looking at the promo pictures I thought I pass on this collection but this is a gorgeous color:) Now I'm very curious about the other colors!

  2. I´ll have to buy all that jellies from Texax coll. ;) The color on your third picure is wonderful!

  3. Silke...Thank you! I thought the same thing, but now I need all of the jellies! :-)

    sonidlo....Thank you! :-)

  4. I haven't seen them all swatched yet. I've been feeling kind of bored by polish and reading blogs of all kinds. I must be insane. This is really pretty. I'll have to add this beauty to my list.

  5. Lucy....I had wondered where you'd been. Bored by polish?! What happened? LOL! Thanks for your comments. I always enjoy reading them. I hope you feel better soon. :-)