Friday, February 11, 2011

Love & Beauty Current....Flakie goodness!

Good morning! It's Friday!!! Yay! :-) Today, I have on another one of the Love and Beauty polishes that I picked up at Forever 21. This one is called Current, and it's the exact same polish as LA Girls Addict from the Rock Star collection. I'm so glad I was able to find this, as Addict has been one of my biggest lemmings. Current/Addict is a beautiful deep red/burgundy jelly with red and gold flakes. Application was great and I used two coats. I love this polish so much! :-)

I seriously suggest clicking on these so you can see the awesomeness of this poish....just sayin. ;-)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Anyone have any big plans?


  1. This is a stunner. I have Addict and I adore it. Great find!

  2. Ooo, this one is very pretty! :) Perfect for Valentine's Day! I never realized Forever 21 sold polish!? Glad to know now! :)

  3. Those close ups are sooo amazing! This is really pretty.

  4. Oh wow, that's gorgeous! very pretty!

    check out my blog :)


  5. No big plans. However, I think I'm going to surprise my husband with a Kindle for Valentine's Day.

    I love Love & Beauty polishes! They are the same as LA Girl.

  6. Mighty Lambchop....Thanks! I love it too! :-)

    Natalie....Thank you! Yes, Forever 21 sells polish! They have a lot of really great colors. I had no idea they sold it until recently. You should def. check it out. :-)

    Jennifer Leigh....Thanks so much! :-)

    R....Thank you! I am following you now too! :-)

    Kimberly....What an awesome gift! I'm sure he will love it! :-)

  7. This is gorgeous! I have it and haven't used it. Shame on me. This is too beautiful not to wear.

  8. Lucy....Thank you! You need to wear it soon! ;-) It's one of my new favs.