Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Zoya sale and Zoya SPAM! 40 different colors...bottle and swatch pics.

Hey guys! This is going to be a big post. Zoya is having a sale! You get three free bottles and only have to pay $6.95 (or something like that) for shipping. I thought I'd swatch my Zoya collection to give you all some color ideas. I swatched most of them on nail wheels, but I do have a few pics. of some colors on my nails. If you have any questions, or would like to see a better swatch of something just let me know. :-)

First up is what I'm currently wearing, and that's Gloria. Gloria is a peachy pink color with gold flecks. It's really pretty. It's pretty much the pink version of Zoya Crystal. As with most Zoya polishes, application was great and I used two coats.

Next up is Zoya Valerie.

Zoya Crystal

Zoya Sweet

I guess I should have posted the actual info. on the sale first, huh?! Here it is now....Sorry about that. LOL! The code is FB2011

The next pics. are of the bottles and swatches on nail wheels. First up, are the reds. Try to ignore any little cat hairs you might see. My cats decided it would be fun to walk all around what I was doing. ;-)

Reds. Bottles L-R Isla,Jade,Karina,Sarah,Lisa and Nidhi (Nidhi is one of my fav. reds ever!)

Red Swatches. L-R Isla,Jade,Karina,Sarah,Lisa and Nidhi.

Reds (names are in reversed order in this pic.)

Pinks. Bottles L-R Alegra,Gilda,Astra,Ali,Sweet,Gigi and Gloria

Pink swatches. L-R Gloria,Gigi,Sweet,Ali,Astra,Gilda and Alegra

Greens. Bottles. L-R Midori,Tangy,Irene,Veruschka,Suvi,Edyta,Envy and Ivanka

Greens swatched. L-R Midori,Tangy,Irene,Veruschka,Suvi,Edyta,Envy and Ivanka

Purples. Bottles. L-R Mimi,Julieanne,Valerie,Yasmeen,Vegas Freeze,Zara,Harlow and Nova.

Purples swatched. L-R Mimi,Julieanne,Valerie,Yasmeen,Vegas Freeze,Zara,Harlow and Nova.

Blues. Bottles. L-R Charla,Crystal,Jo and Ibiza

Blues swatched. L-R Ibiza,Jo,Crystal and Charla.

Browns. Bottles. L-R Tiffany,Kym,Anastasia and Cola.

Browns swatched. L-R Cola,Anastasia,Kym and Tiffany

L-R Tiffany,Kym,Anastasia and Cola.

Grey Bottles. L-R Harley,Kelly and Loredana.

Greys swatched. L-R Harley,Kelly and Loredana.

Zoya spoon swatches that were sent to me by Zoya.

Fire and Ice Collection.

Wicked and Wonderful Glitter Collection.

Wicked and Wonderful Creme Collection.

WOW! That was a long post. I do believe it's my longest yet. Again, if you have any questions about anything I've posted or the sale I'll help as best as I can. Do you plan to order? What do you think you might get? I already ordered mine, and got Erika,Gabrielle and Mieko.


  1. Sweet baby Jesus,you have a nice Zoya stash! I think Gigi would make a good nude polish,and all those greens are TD4!

  2. I ordered my three, this morning. These will be my first ever Zoya polishes and I can't wait to try this brand. I snapped up Erika (of course! :D), Kelly and Crystal. A shimmer, a creme and a glitter. Nice cross section of colours and finishes. :D

  3. I'm not limiting myself to just 3....lol! Three more makes them all half price, right!? ;) Thanks for the swatches as it does help me to pick some.

  4. how awesome of you to post this! i would imagine it's very helpful for someone trying to decide which three to get.. i had the hardest time deciding on my three: gloria, roxy, and sofia. i would have loved to see few more swatches of sofia before deciding but i guess it's not that popular of a color.

  5. Wow, your Zoya collection is awesome. I will have 6 once I get my three. I chose Buffy, Kat, and Tallulah. I'm not going to lie, I've been wanting Buffy mostly because of the name. Haha.

  6. I love long picture posts! Wish I would have seen this before I placed my order on Monday! hahaha I got Pinta, Dea and Trixie!

  7. I have many of these. I'm going to order some of the older polishes. Thanks for posting these.

  8. wow! I can't decide which one I like more!!
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  9. Thanks so much everyone! :-) I hope I was able to help some of you out!