Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Top 20 from 2010 and a TAG!

Hey Guys! How is everyone doing? I'm doing pretty good. :-) I'm happy to announce, that I FINALLY got two melmers yesterday! LOL! I know, but I'm happy about them. ;-) Now I can organize my polish so much better. I got two for the price of one, so it was a good buy. I also finally got an Otto lamp, so hopefully I'll be able to take good pics. during the dark winter months here in KS. Anyway, I was tagged by a fellow blogger, the lovely Jette from to do my top five polishes from 2010. I had a VERY hard time only doing five, so I finally just decided to do my top 20. I'm going to tag ALL OF YOU! :-) I love these kind of posts, so I would love to see everyone's top picks for 2010. Now, this was a top five tag, so feel free to do your top five. You don't need to do 20. Post as many or as few you want to. :-)

Okay, on to my top 20 polishes from 2010!

You can really see the changes in my nails since I've started this blog. These pics. have been taken from July until now.

First up is Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. It's layered over OPI Merry Midnight. This was my fav. mani combo. I did this year.

#2 is probably my fav. polish of all times right now. It's my go to polish, and I have about ten bottles of it. It's just a Sephora brand polish called Blue Sapphire.

#3 is Barielle Elle's Spell a beautiful red jelly with orange/red flakes.

#4 Wet N' Wild Prancer. I believe in this pic. it's layered over Zoya Jade and the red glitter Snowman polish. I have about seven bottles of this one!

#5 OPI Ali's Big Break. Okay. I have to admit, this one made the list partly because of the name. ;-) BUT I do really love the color as well. It's a red cream with flakes.

#6 China Glaze Party Hearty. I do think, this might be one of the best Christmas/Holiday polishes ever made! It's the perfect glitter for Christmas manis. Here is is over my Christmas mani this year. It's over Essie Silken Cord and Essie Going Incognito.

#7 Blue Cross Snowman Red Holo Glitter. This one was a surprise fav. for me. It's not all that holo, but it's still a very pretty red jelly with red/silver glitter and there is some holo glitter spread through out.

#8 Essie Smokin' Hot is another surprise fav. It's not usually my kind of color. However, I saw it in Ulta, and decided to give it a try. I loved it! It's a great smoky gray color.

#9 Zoya Crystal. This polish is full of win! :-) I don't have anything else like it.

#10 Essie Coat Azure is a new one I just picked up, and it's for Spring 2011 BUT I did get it while it was still 2010 so it counts, right? I think so. ;-)

#11 Orly Space Cadet. Who didn't love this one?! :-)

#12 OPI Sparkle-icious is my fav. from the OPI Holiday glitters. I love them all, but this on would be my fav. :-)

#13 Milani Gems. Here is is layered over Sally Hansen Midnight in New York and NYX Asphalt. This was my NYE mani. I'm actually still wearing it. :-) I know there are a few of these kind of glitters around, but I found Gems to be the best to work with so far. I only used one coat, and didn't have to mess with it much at all.

#14 Cosmetic Nail Arts All the Trimmings. This was a new brand to me, and this color is very unique. I've never seen another one like it. I'm posting two pics. to show off the colors.

#15 Finger Paints Mistletoe Mishief. One of the Holiday 2010 from the FP collection. It's a deep jelly green with glass fleck. One of my all time fav. greens.

#16 Claire's Blue Skies. A holo sky blue! Super pretty! :-)

#17 China Glaze Endurance. This was one of three polishes CG put out for breast cancer awareness.

#18 Finger Paints I'm A Survivor. This is another breast cancer awareness polish, but from FP.

#19 Zoya Charla. I think this one is on most people's fav. of 2010 lists. :-) What's not to love about it?! This pic. was taken when I had the ugly eye sore going on. :-/

#20 Del Sol Trick or Treat. This was my first DS and I LOVED it! Here are two pics. the first one is of it inside, and the second pic. is after it's changed colors in the sun.

Whew! That was a long post. Now it's your turn! I want to see your favs. of 2010 post as many or as few as you want. :-)


  1. All the trimmings & Trick or treat, GORGEOUS!! Love the rest as well, but these two seem impossible to get and I really wish to get my hands on them sometime soon

  2. You've got some great choices. I love Hidden Treasure. I think this was one of the big hits of the year.

  3. I love all of these!! We are polish twins :) I can't wait to get my hands on that blue Essie, it is gorgeous!

  4. I LOVE top 20 posts! I really think that I couldn't narrow it down to 5 either... maybe 5 for every season (and that's a big maybe)!
    Urgh and why haven't I picked up Charla yet? I need it.

  5. Miranda...Thanks! Trust me, I know those two are hard to get! I had to have someone pick them up for me and send them. The Del Sol came from CA and All the Trimmings from VA! I hope you are able to get them. :-)

    Lucy..Thanks! Yeah, it def. was one of the big hits this year. When it came out, I saw it everywhere! I picked up so many for others who couldn't find them. When I decided that I needed a back up, I couldn't find it any more! I guess I'm lucky I even got one though. :-)

    MCB...Thanks! We are def. polish twins! :-) Let me know if you need help with the Essie. I still haven't found those JB polishes yet! Have you had any luck finding them?

    tasha...Me too! :-) Yeah, it was really hard to narrow it down...there was no way I could only do five. You don't have Charla yet?!?! You need to get it! LOL! Did you know that Zoya is having a get 3 free starting tomorrow?

  6. "First up is Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. It's layered over OPI Merry Midnight. This was my fav. mani combo. I did this year."

    Yeah, I remember this one. It's the day I cursed you and your blog! I said, "Darn you, Ali! Darn you and your blog, for tormenting me with polishes I can't find and buy!" I guess I'm not good at that cursing thing because here you are still going strong and still tormenting me. With a little luck I may come across these hard-to-finds in a dusty or a trade some day.

    You do have some great picks here. I rarely venture into Sally's but did last week and got Finger Paints Mistletoe Mischief on sale! That's the only one out of all your picks that I have, but I'll eventually get Milani Gems, my CVS is just out right now, but I hear these polishes are going to be part of the core collection anyway.

    Speaking of Finger Paints and Sally's, I also got a two pack of Finger Paints which was already sale priced at $3.99, but the clearance was half price on sale items, so $1.99! The one I really wanted was Romanticism Ruby and it looks like the counterpart to Mistletoe Mischief, it's a gorgeous ruby red with red glitter throughout. If you don't already have this one you might want to check out your Sally's and see if they aren't running this sale there too. The best part, it was kind of thick, which could be a bad thing, but for me it was amazingly great, this polish was a one coater! The other polish with it is Curator's Crimson, it's a neutral red creme that seemed to me to lean just slightly pink. I love it too.