Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello Kitty Polish!

What a day it's been. I woke up with a terrible headache that I still have some eight hours later. Ugh. The weather was bad. Lots of snow,ice etc...and I had to drive to the airport this afternoon which is an hour away. On top of all that, I was a nervous wreck waiting for the vet to call with my two cats blood test results. Thank goodness it all turned out okay. Got to the airport and back fine, and the vet called, and my cat are both good. Still have the headache, but I can deal with that. I probably gave it to myself worrying so much. Anyway, I decided to cheer myself up a bit with a pretty,sparkly mani. some polish shopping, and some yummy Italian food from my fav. restaurant.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from Sephora, saying they were having a private sale for the Beauty Insiders. The sale was for the new Hello Kitty for Sephora line. I got two of the eight of the polishes. The bottles are just TOO cute! :-) I love them!

The two I got are Purple Sprinkles and Pink Sprinkles.

Today, I used Purple Sprinkles. I used Revlon Not So Blueberry as a base color. Purple Sprinkles can def. be worn on it's own, but might take three coats. The Hello Kitty bottles are kind of small so that's why I used Not So Blueberry first. I wanted to use the least amount of PS a I could so that I don't run out of soon.

I'll start with Revlon Not So Blueberry. It's one of the scented polishes. It smells like blueberries. Bet you couldn't have guessed that, huh? ;-) I actually really love the scent! I can still smell it even with the HK polish over top and with my top coat on. Application was fine, but for some reason Revlon polishes seem to bubble on me. I have no idea why, but this has happened with several lately. NSBB is a really pretty polish. It's a sparkly lavender color. I used two coats.

I then topped it off with Hello Kitty Purple Sprinkles. PS has small and medium teal and pink glitter in a purple base.

Well, I'm off to try to get rid of this headache. I hope you are all having a good night! :-)


  1. What a pretty combo!

  2. Lucky girl! I tried to get both of these but they were already sold out. SO cute, at least I got minty and bubble gum =D

  3. omg these are soooo cute! hope you are feeling better and the cats are ok :)

  4. This looks very nice!!! But isn´t Purple Sprinkles close to ChG Electric Lilac??

  5. Whoa! I love this combo and I thought exactly the same as Miranda. It does remind me of Electric Lilac.

  6. Amanda....Thank you!! :-)

    Freshie....How do you like the two you got? I actually had a crazy time trying to get these two. I would put them in my cart, and then they would jump out. This happened a few times, before they finally said out of stock on the site. So, I gave up. I happened to be online early the next morning and checked them again, and there they were! I put them in my cart, and hurried to check out, and it finally worked.....then they were out of stock again. Crazy!

    Crystaliciousss...Thank you! I do feel better today, and my cat are good. :-) I was worried about them, but they are okay! :-)

    Miranda...Thank! :-) I have been thinking the same thing, since I put it on. It's very much like ChG EL. I don't have EL so I don't know 100% but it does look like it. I'm not sure why I didn't get EL as I got a ton of those glitters when they came out.

    nihrida...Thank! :-) I agree, it does look a lot like Electric Lilac.

  7. Pretty combination and those are funky bottles! I assume it's a hello kitty face in the glass? I've had a long day but it looks like a piggy to me!

  8. Your headache is probably stress. The muscles in your neck and shoulders tighten up. Now that you know your cats are fine, relax and give them some love. That's a fabulous combination. Love it! Sso pretty with all the colors.

  9. Hi Ali, I tagged you :-)

  10. Cali369...Thanks! :-) LOL!!! The piggy comment made me laugh. :-) Yes, they are supposed to be a HK face. They are pretty cute!

    Lucy...I'm sure you are right about it being stress. I am so relieved that my cats are fine, and of course, I gave them lots of love. ;-) They are my babies. Thank you! :-)

    Miranda...Thank you SO much for the tag! I really appreciate you thinking of me! *HUG*

  11. those 2 polishes complement each other perfectly :)

  12. Danielle....I thought so too! ;-) Thank you!